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Making Wheelchairs Better for Your Clients

At Seating Dynamics, we work with Clinicians and Suppliers to help provide your clients with products that improve quality of life, and wheelchair durability. We understand that providing high quality products is your top priority. To assist in these goals, we have provided a number of Resources for you! The "Courses Tab" lists upcoming courses you may wish to attend as well as previous courses which frequently offer a Proceedings Paper or other materials. The "Webinars Tab" lists upcoming webinars as well as a number of On-Demand webinars which you can attend at your convenience. We have also made available a number of "Downloadable Resources", such as articles and case studies. Finally, visit our "Blogs" and join the conversation!”

Learn more about how you can help make your client’s wheelchair better with dynamic seating.

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At Seating Dynamics, we assist in the selection of the appropriate dynamic seating components. We stand behind our products with support, product enhancements and product warranty. We can help you find a provider in your area, and provide resources for fitting and installing components. Contact us today for a consultation, quote, or for more information.