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Ensure Your Dynamic Back is the Original, Genuine Seating Dynamics Product

Ensure Your Dynamic Back is the Original, Genuine Seating Dynamics Product

seating dynamics blog original drbiTo all Seating Dynamics customers, clinicians, and suppliers:

In a meeting last October 24 with the Vice President of Product Development at Ki Mobility, I was informed that they would no longer be offering or providing the Seating Dynamics Dynamic Rocker Back interface. Instead, Ki Mobility had developed and released their own Dynamic Back which we recently discovered is, an exact duplicate of a version which we obsoleted two years ago. They even duplicated some non-functional features and the elastomer replacement instructions, matching Seating Dynamics instructions word for word.

I think it important to let you know that if you have ordered and received a dynamic back from Ki Mobility in recent months, you likely did not receive an original, genuine Seating Dynamics product. This will result in confusion and difficulty in providing the level of support that we strive for. We will have to ask for information to identify what you have and, in some cases, will have to inform you that it is not our product.

Seating Dynamics has been the leader in dynamic seating components for almost twenty years. We regret that the actions of Ki Mobility will result in confusion and misunderstanding among our customers, caregivers, clinicians, and suppliers.

Be assured that Seating Dynamics will continue to provide the most recent version of our genuine proven products and the most knowledgeable customer support. We will continue to support all wheelchairs listed on our compatibility chart with our Seating Dynamics products including warranty of original, genuine Seating Dynamics DRBi’s purchased on chair from Ki Mobility.

Genuine Seating Dynamics DRBi’s may be ordered on chair from Freedom Designs, Invacare and PDG Mobility or ordered directly from Seating Dynamics using our easy-to-use Online RFQ app.

Greg Peek
Seating Dynamics

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