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Spreader Bar Mount

Head Supports are typically mounted using a bracket attached to the back of the seating system. This is not always possible, dependent on the type of back being used. By attaching to the back canes, the head support can be mounted in a precise location to match the client’s needs.

Spreader Bars are often used with a sling back or other backs which do not offer the rigidity for headrest hardware mounting. Head support mounting hardware cannot be attached to this sling upholstery or, if mounted to an insufficiently rigid back, can cause damage to the back. Finally, some clients need the head support to remain on the wheelchair, while the seating system is moved to another mobility base. For example, if a client drives a power wheelchair with a head array and has a seating system that is transferred to a manual wheelchair, the head array will remain on the power wheelchair and another head support must be mounted to the manual wheelchair base.

The Seating Dynamics Spreader Bar head support mount is width and depth adjustable and may also be used to position the head support off-center. Made from the same style links as our traditional head support mounts, the Spreader Bar provides tremendous flexibility in adjustment and unparalleled rigidity. The Spreader Bar clamps around 1″ diameter back canes, only takes up 1″ of space, and is available for wheelchairs from 12” – 24” wide.

The Spreader Bar is available for our Dynamic or Static Head Support mounts.

The Spreader Bar Mount is available in 3 sizes:

Small 12" – 16"
Medium 16" – 20"
Wide 20" – 24"


Spreader Bar Mount: Sample Medical Justification Wording for use in Documentation

The following are sample medical justification wording which may be used in documentation, such as a Letter of Medical Necessity. These examples do not replace competent evaluation. If you require further assistance with documentation, please contact us for help.

"Seating Dynamics Spreader Bar Mount is being recommended to mount a head support on the mobility base as (the client has a sling back and standard mounting hardware cannot be used) (the client is using a back that cannot support standard mounting hardware without risk of breakage) (the client needs to transfer the seating system between mobility bases)."