Spreader Bar Mount

Head Supports are typically mounted using a bracket attached to the back of the seating system. This is not always possible, dependent on the type of back being used. By attaching to the back canes, the head support can be mounted in a precise location to match the client’s needs.

The Seating Dynamics Spreader Bar head support mount is width and depth adjustable and may also be used to position the head support off-center. Made from the same style links as our traditional head support mounts, the Spreader Bar provides tremendous flexibility in adjustment and unparalleled rigidity. The Spreader Bar clamps around 1″ diameter back canes, only takes up 1″ of space, and is available for chairs from 14″ to 20″ wide.

The Spreader Bar is also available for our Static Head Support mount. If Dynamic movement is not needed, this hardware provides the adjustability and durability needed, all while maintaining position.