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Clinician Interviews

Saving Wheelchair Equipment from Destruction: Dynamic Seating to the Rescue

I recently presented a webinar on Dynamic Seating through AbleNet. One of the participants shared that he had successfully used Dynamic Seating with a client who routinely ‘destroyed’ seating and wheeled mobility equipment. Vincent Coratello is an Adapted Equipment Specialist and Minister of Fleet Operations at Allegheny Valley School in Hummelstown, PA. I asked him if we could get together for a phone call to discuss Dynamic Seating and he graciously agreed!

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Phillip: an update on Dynamic Seating and Supporting Movement

Phillip is a 61 year old man who resides at the Mary Campbell Center in Wilmington, DE. We featured Phillip in a blog in October of 2017. I had the opportunity to work with Phillip in May of 2017 and recommended Dynamic Seating components at the knees, back, and head. I wanted to catch up with his physical therapist, Diana Hoopes, to see how he is doing. Diana graduated in 1975 from the University of Baltimore and later received her master’s degree in Special Education. Diana is retiring soon to spend time with her 11 grandchildren! She has worked at the Mary Campbell Center for many years and loves what she does.

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Clinician Interview: Brain Power!

I had the privilege to present with a group of colleagues on Dynamic Seating at the International Seating Symposium last year. One of my co-presenters was Suzanne Eason, OT/L who works at St. Mary’s Home in Virginia. Suzanne is very interested in the impact of movement on brain development. I recently had a conversation with my friend.

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