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9/10 CSMC Conference: Maintaining Posture by Providing Movement

9/10 CSMC Conference: Maintaining Posture by Providing Movement

Canadian Seating and Mobility Conference

Toronto, Ontario
Tuesday, September 10th, 10:45am

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Course Description:

A primary goal of wheelchair seating is to maintain the client’s optimal seated posture. As many clients extend against typically static surfaces and move within the seating system, posture is often lost, and the client needs to be repositioned. For clients with increased muscle tone, large and forceful movements, or rocking tendencies, contact is lost between the client’s body and the seating surfaces, resulting in suboptimal positions, such as a posterior pelvic tilt, when extension or movement ceases. While perhaps contra intuitive, providing movement within the seating system, using Dynamic Seating, can allow client movement and return their body to a neutral seated position. This course will dive deep into exactly how clients lose optimal posture within their seating systems and how to maintain posture through movement.

Learning Objectives:

  1. The participant will be able to identify 3 factors which lead to loss of position within a wheelchair seating system.
  2. The participant will be able to describe how dynamic seating can successfully return a client to their optimal seated posture, despite large and forceful movement.
  3. The participant will be able to list 3 specific dynamic seating product features that help maintain client posture.


Michelle L. Lange, OTR/L, ATP/SMS

Presenter Bio

Michelle Lange is an occupational therapist with over 35 years of experience and has been in private practice, Access to Independence, for over 15 years. She is a well-respected lecturer, both nationally and internationally, and has authored numerous texts, chapters, and articles. She is the co-editor of Seating and Wheeled Mobility: a clinical resource guide. She is the former NRRTS Continuing Education Curriculum Coordinator and Clinical Editor of NRRTS Directions magazine. Michelle is a RESNA Fellow and member of the Clinician Task Force. Michelle is a RESNA certified ATP and SMS.


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