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Rachel Rocking

Rachel’s Rocking, Sensory Input and Dynamic Backs

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Rachel loves to rock. She has very low vision and seeks out sensory input. Without a Dynamic Back, she was causing a great deal of wear and tear on her previous manual wheelchair and she was not able to move as readily.

Missy Ball movement and development

Clinician Interview with Missy Ball – Movement and Development

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In this blog, I would like to share some of her thoughts on Movement, Development, and Function. Missy has written two articles on the topic of Dynamic Seating for Convaid which discuss this interrelationship.

Quick Class

Quick Class: Dynamic Seating – Assessment

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It is not typically realistic to trial Dynamic Seating components as the frame may need to be modified. Instead, we can simulate the effects of Dynamic Seating during the assessment to determine if these components are indicated.

Missy Ball

Clinician Interview with Missy Ball – Unique applications for Dynamic Seating result in reduced constipation and increased strength

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Missy Ball, PT, MT, ATP lives in Metairie, LA and has worked in the wheelchair seating and mobility field since 1985 and as Clinical Director in a hospital, in private practice, and as an educator.

Seating Dynamics Webinar

Webinar Series: Muscle Tone, Tone Management and Dynamic Seating Intervention

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This series of three webinars, presented by OT Michelle Lange, explores the relationship between Muscle Tone, Movement, Wheelchair Seating Systems and Dynamic Seating.

preventing strong neck extension

Inhibiting Max’s Strong Neck Extension with Dynamic Head Support Hardware

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Max is an adult with cerebral palsy and significant extensor tone. His Baclofen pump was recently removed secondary to an infection. This has led to strong neck hyperextension and rotation.

Determining if a Dynamic Back is Appropriate

My Client isn’t Moving as Much – What Happened?

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Dynamic Seating is designed to provide movement; however, client movement may actually decrease after using Dynamic Seating for a while. Why?

Seating Dynamics Literature Review

Literature Review on Dynamic Wheelchair Seating

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Our literature review on Dynamic Seating includes over 200 peer reviewed and non-peer reviewed articles, presentations and proceedings, design articles,…


Clinician Interview: Kaye Donec – diffusing tone, preventing breakage, and providing movement

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Meet Kaye Donec, former Individualized Services Team Leader of the Adult Therapy Program at the Disability Services Department of Communities in Western Australia, and learn how she used Dynamic Seating in her career.

movement at the ankle

Movement at the Ankle – Dynamic Footrest Plantar / Dorsi Flexion Option

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When seated in a wheelchair and the lower extremity is extended, extension may be seen at the hip, knee, and even ankle (plantar flexion).