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Seating Dynamics Literature Review

Literature Review on Dynamic Wheelchair Seating

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The following are results of a literature review on Dynamic Wheelchair Seating. This term is used in multiple contexts. Some…

Jessica Presperin Pederson

Dynamic Seating: Looking Back and Ahead

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Jessica Presperin Pedersen MBA, OTR/L ATP/SMS is an amazing occupational therapist in the Chicago area who has vast seating and wheeled mobility experience.

Seating Dynamics Seminar

RESNA Position Paper Presentation on Dynamic Seating

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Michelle Lange and Barbara Crane presented this instructional session at the International Seating Symposium in Vancouver, British Columbia on March 6, 2020.

Suzanne Eason

Dynamic Seating: Clinical Implications of Movement

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Suzanne Eason, OT/L is a rock star! This OT works at the St. Mary’s Home in Virginia and truly applies the latest evidence to her practice – all to the benefit of the clients she works with.

Seminar Watch Now

Dynamic Seating: Who Can Benefit from This Technology

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Michelle L. Lange presented, Dynamic Seating: Who Can Benefit from This Technology? care of NRRTS on February 27, 2020. Watch on demand and earn CEUs now.

Seating Dynamics Top 10 Blogs 2019

Top 10 Dynamic Seating Blogs from 2019

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In this blog, we look back at 2019 to explore the top 10 dynamic seating blogs from the year and reshare what our readers have found most helpful.


Faith – Seeking Movement in Her Wheelchair

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We all like to move, some of us more than others. Faith loves to move! She is a 9-year-old girl with diagnoses including brain injury, cerebral palsy, seizures and blindness.

Seating Dynamics Case Study Faith

Faith – Seeking Movement

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Faith is a 9-year-old girl with diagnoses including brain injury, cerebral palsy, seizures and blindness. She loves sensory input, including rocking in her manual wheelchair.


Growing Up in a Wheelchair. Will Dynamic Seating Grow too?

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I mainly work in pediatrics and so growth is always a concern. When recommending equipment, whether it be a bath seat or a wheelchair frame, I need to know how much growth is available in order to ensure the item will continue to meet a child’s needs for as long as possible. After all, this complex rehab equipment is expensive, and funding is often a challenge. 


Amanda – Providing Controlled and Safe Movement in a Wheelchair

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Amanda has a diagnosis of spastic diplegic cerebral palsy and loves to rock. Dynamic Seating allows her controlled and safe movement in a wheelchair.