Dynamic Seating

What is Dynamic Seating?

Dynamic seating is movement which occurs within the seat and/or wheelchair frame in response to force from the client. Dynamic components absorb force which, in turn, assists the client back to a starting position. Read our blog on this topic

Who can Benefit from Dynamic Seating?

Dynamic seating is used in two main clinical scenarios. First, for clients with increased muscle tone, dynamic components absorb extensor forces that could otherwise lead to client injury, equipment breakage, decreased sitting tolerance, increased agitation, decreased function, further increases in extension and quite a bit of energy exertion. Second, for clients who seek out movement, dynamic components provide vestibular input, increased alertness, decreased agitation and sometimes increased strength and postural control. Read our blog on this topic

What Products does Seating Dynamics offer?

Seating Dynamics offers a Dynamic Rocker Back, Dynamic Footrests, and a Dynamic Headrest. These can be used alone or in combination with each other to provide movement in the areas needed by an individual. For more information, check out our Frequently Asked Questions.

This video shows the available movement in the Seating Dynamics Rocker Back, Dynamic Footrests, and Dynamic Headrest.

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