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Allicyn Hayes, Mother to Kawai

“You are a rare gem doing what you do and going above and beyond to help people. It is much appreciated.”

John Reck PT, MPT, ATP/ SMS

Director of Assistive Technology
Matheny Medical and Educational Center
Gladstone, NJ

“The seating Dynamics Rocker Back product has been highly effective and durable intervention for our wheelchair users with complex medical issues such as spasticity, severe extensor tone, severe self-stimulatory rocking behaviors, and history of pain and sitting intolerance.”

Joe McKnight

Retired RN, ATP/SMS, and Paramedic

“Now, in my 60’s, as a retired RN, ATP/SMS, and Paramedic, with a few hundred chairs dispensed, I’m lucky to work with Greg, his team and Michelle for some years.  We started in the Kids Up days and understood that movement was a vital, noble and normal component of humanity. In a word, don’t discount movement.”

Elaine T. Lu PT, MHEd, ATP

Salt Lake City, UT

“The advantages to our clients who require this technology include decreased agitation, injury while in a wheelchair, loss of position in relation to the seating surfaces, active extension, and fatigue. Dynamic Seating also increases the client’s tolerance to sitting in the wheelchair. This intervention improves vestibular input, active range of motion, alertness, function, strength, and postural control.”

Mark R. Schmeler, PhD, OTR/L, ATP

Associate Professor / Vice-Chair for Education & Training
Dept. Rehabilitation Science & Technology
University of Pittsburgh

“Dynamic backs are essential to accommodate people with severe tone and spasticity. They are also essential to accommodate people with severe cognitive and behavioral issues who tend to rock / thrash themselves against their backrest.”

Arthur, Henry’s Dad

Portland, OR

“Again, I can’t thank you enough for speaking with me, managing Henry’s care/needs can be overwhelming at times and having you understand how complicated these things can be while actually doing something to help improve the quality of care/life for people with CP was very refreshing.”

Karen Reckamp, OTR/L, ATP/SMS

Rehabilitation Manager, Wolfson Children’s Hospital
Jacksonville, FL

“We need to let people move…can you imagine sitting strapped to your chair for 4-6 hours at a time?!”

Becky Breaux, MS, OTR/L, ATP

Assistive Technology Clinic, Center for Inclusive Design and Engineering
Denver, CO

“Dynamic Seating can be life-changing!”

Lauren Hunter, OT

Linds Rehab
Hallam, Victoria, Australia

“Dynamic hardware is an essential component of the wheelchair for Dyllie to optimize function and represent who he is as a full-time wheelchair user.”

Lauren Osborne, OT

Hertfordshire, England, UK

“Forces have to go somewhere and the body needs to be protected!”

Andy Foster, OTR, ATP, CRTS

Nashville, TN

“Dynamic Seating allows our customers to move which is what they do best.”

Rob Walker, ATP, MBA

Regional Sales Manager, Schurter, Inc.
(Formerly with NSM and Numotion)
Santa Rosa, CA

“You have always come up with innovative and creative ways to solve difficult challenges.”

Jace Goh, OT

Linds Rehab

“Darcy loves his new chair! He enjoys being able to move around and be able to leave the house frequently with carers, which he did only occasionally previously due to safety concerns and poor tolerance in his own chair.”

Zoë Swain, OTR/L, ATP

Boston, MA

“I love using your RFQ app because of how thorough and timely it is. I’ve been able to put in the information I have during or right after an eval and received my quote within 24 hours if not quicker. The RFQ app is convenient and efficient.”

Sharon Sutherland, PT

Seating Solutions, LLC
Sligo, Ireland

“We often find ourselves struggling in clinical practice when the individual we are assessing has fluctuating and/or increased extensor tone for example. Providing static solutions to dynamic bodies can sometimes be detrimental to the individual using the wheelchair and seating system. A fantastic option for many individuals presenting with a lot of movement due to tone is dynamic seating. As clinicians we can determine from our hands on assessment as well as from listening to and paying heed to the history this person has had with technology whether dynamic seating may be a consideration for successful outcomes. We can even determine at what joints the individual may benefit most from this dynamic movement opportunity, protecting the individual and the technology from damage.”

John Burke, ATP

JB Consultants
Washington DC/Baltimore

“I have to say that I love and embrace all this technology. What worries me is the funding aspect of it which usually tends to lag behind. I have used these products with tremendous results. Don’t ever be afraid to consider these products if funding is an issue. Get with a great, forward thinking therapist and you can make this happen.”

Karen Cole Gottschalk, PT, DPT, C/NDT


“Your products are groundbreaking!!! As a “former” PT working in the pediatric CRT world, what a difference your products will make for so many kiddos!”

Stefanie Laurence, B. Sc. OT, OT Reg

Clinical Educator at Motion, Inc.
Toronto, Ontario

“If a client keeps breaking their back canes, stop and ask why. Don’t just keep replacing product.”

Cameron Thomas

VP of Territory Sales
Southwestern Medical Reps., Inc.

“I love using your product and having it available on our PDG Product Design Group Inc. order form. Great products, keep up the good work!”

Doug Cobbs, ATP, CRTS

Vice President
Healthcare Equipment, Inc.
Durham, NC

“We need a paradigm shift – conventional wisdom about seating and mobility changes and needs to change. The equipment must accommodate the individual, not the other way around.”

Myra Vasquez-Romero, OTR, ATP

Regional Manager, Lightning Mobility Evaluations, LLC
Former Clinical Coordinator
Outpatient Pediatric Seating and Mobility Clinic
TIRR Memorial Hermann Pediatric Outpatient Rehabilitation
Houston, TX

“I have used these dynamic footrests with much success for my patients and my families. LOVE THEM.”

Judy Garber

Adaptive Equipment Technician
Skills Of Central PA, Inc.,
State College, PA

“I just wanted to send one last e-mail to let you know I installed the dynamic footrests on Amber’s chair yesterday. She is very happy with how they move and work for her. It’s an amazing concept, and so beneficial for someone like her. Thanks again for all the help with getting her the correct parts.”


Kylie’s Mom
Cody, Wyoming

“Before Kylie got the Dynamic Footrests, she was constantly breaking her footrests. She was fracturing pieces of metal and everyone kept telling us ‘this shouldn’t happen.’ Getting the dynamic footrests has cut down on trips to the supplier for repairs.”

Missy Ball, PT, MT, ATP

PhysioBall Therapy, LLC
Metairie, LA

“Seating Dynamics has excellent dynamic products that are compatible with many frames. In my experience, the dynamic back and footrests have prevented frame damage, allowed for extension of the client but with return of pelvis to effective sitting posture, reduced pressures on back, buttock and foot area, and reduced agitation on clients with SI issues. Dynamic motion has also reduced constipation issues on one of my clients.”

Cary Yarbrough

Action Seating and Mobility
Sherwood, AR

“Great products and staff. I have used dynamic seating with many of my clients and have had great success with all their products. Great company to work with!”

Karen Messuri

Peapack, NJ

“Working with a provider of durable medical equipment, Seating Dynamics products are excellent for our clients with high tone. They are easy to install and very durable. Seating dynamics also provides great knowledge and support for their products.”

Sharon Sutherland

PT Seating Solutions, LLC
Sligo, Ireland

“I am a huge believer that seating is NOT a static activity. Many of the individuals I have the privilege of working with in clinical practice demonstrate how much they NEED to move. I sincerely hope we begin to see more dynamic options for these individuals here in Ireland because when I was working in the US, I found dynamic solutions to be essential in many situations. I have known Greg Peek for many years, and the service and quality of Seating Dynamics solutions are consistently superb.”

Luke Conway

Managing Director LC Seating Ltd
Sligo, Ireland

“Great products. We have not had one problem with them even with the amount of use they receive. I would highly recommend them.”

David Monceaux

Regional Sales Manager Ability Medical
Bradenton, FL

“Seating Dynamics can make a big difference in some of my customers with very high tone.”

Ryan Read, ATP, CRTS

Presidential Mobility
Fayetteville, AR

“Great folks to work with and quality made products. When my clients need the benefit of dynamic seating, my first choice is Seating Dynamics!”

Kaye Donec (Now retired)

Individualised Services Team Leader (Adult Therapy Program)
Disability Services Department of Communities
Government of Western Australia

“Having worked with people with strong extension for many years, the advent of dynamic components has made such a difference in peoples’ lives and how hyper-resistance and strong extension is approached.”

Mala Aaronson, OT, ATP, CRTS

Natick, MA

“I feel like everybody should move.”

Valerie Veraldi, Parent

Denver, Colorado

“Seating Dynamics does whatever it takes to meet the needs of their customers. Greg Peek is a very passionate, creative, and innovative individual who listens to the needs of his clients and is able to adapt wheelchairs to fit their needs. Colorado is lucky to have a company like this.”

Jeff Hennessee, CRTS, ATP

National Seating &amp Mobility
South Carolina

“Incredible products, with world class support. 5 stars all the way around.”

Eric Smith, ATP

National Seating and Mobility
Houston, Texas

“Excellent customer service and top of the line components make Seating Dynamics my go-to provider for complex seating needs.”

Macara McGregor

St. Amant, Winnipeg, Manitoba

“Great products! I work with kids and adults with developmental disabilities. I’ve had lots of success with their dynamic rocker back interface to address high exterior tone, as well as rocking behavior!”

Jordan Joslin, ATP

National Seating & Mobility
Saegertown, Pennsylvania

“As a Seating & Mobility Specialist I’ve been very pleased with Seating Dynamics. Well designed products that are easy to work with and meet the clinical needs of my clients. Quality manufacturing and excellent customer support!”

Steve Joyce

Managing Director
Astris PME & Apex Mobility
Sydney, Australia

“Amazing product. This has saved the wheelchair from being destroyed through unintentional impulsive movement. Thank you!”

Edwin Fisher


“It is rare in these times to be able to discuss parts issues with personnel who are in a position of authority. Too many times you end up trying to discuss issues with someone halfway around the world using fractured English. Your handling of my parts request was truly outstanding, and I want to extend my appreciation and thanks for your efforts.”

Melissa “Missy” Tally, PT, MPT, ATP

Physical Therapy Coordinator, Perlman Center
Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center
Cincinnati, OH

“I feel the mat evaluation is critical in the recommendation for Dynamic Seating. Understanding the client’s movement patterns, including origin of tone, strength of movement and reaction to stability, helps to achieve the best outcome for the client using Dynamic Seating components.”

Jeff Freehill

Indianapolis, IN

“I like the comprehensive line of products offered, and the ability for the lower extremity supports to extend at both the knee and foot. Very durable product. Thank you for your contribution to Complex Rehab Technology Industry.”

Dale Thomas

National Seating & Mobility
Lexington, KY

“When the client can move, you can just see it on their face – they are relieved.”  More

Bert Lindholm, ATP

Denver, CO

“As an engineering student, one of my favorite classes was Statics and Dynamics. I’ve always been fascinated with dynamic systems and now as an ATP, it’s great to see dynamic components introduced into Complex Rehab Technology (CRT). Manual and power wheelchair users with movement disorders and excessive, uncontrolled movement patterns can exert strong forces on their equipment. It’s important for us as CRT providers to allow that movement in any way we can without adversely impacting posture.  Giving users the ability to move safely reduces the likelihood that equipment will break, it reduces the risk of pressure sores and it also increases the user’s sitting tolerance of their chair. The first dynamic components available were fairly ineffective because while they allowed movement, they failed to keep the user in optimal seated alignment. With the introduction of Seating Dynamics components, the technology has advanced an order of magnitude beyond those early designs. This is because their movement most closely matches the biomechanical movement of the ankle, knee and hip joints as well as the head/neck of a seated wheelchair user. Seating Dynamics makes outstanding, functional and effective dynamic components and they continue to be a leader in the industry through innovation and by advancing the application of this technology. They are extremely durable as well and in my years of ordering from them, I have not had a single component break or fail under the constant stress of even the most active user.”

Toby Bergantino

ATP Numotion
Rocky Hill, Connecticut

“Want to protect a frame and give your client a way to relieve the pressure applied due to tone? Seating Dynamics is your solution. Fantastic quality products. Highly recommend!”

Mala Aaronson, OT, ATP, CRTS

National Seating & Mobility
Natick, MA

“I feel like everybody should move.”

Megan Warfield-Kimball

Benefit Policy Specialist
Purchasing and Service Delivery | Health Care Administration
Minnesota Department of Human Services

“I was recently looking for the HPCPS code for dynamic seating for wheelchair users, but I was only able to find a pediatric dynamic seating code. I know dynamic seating is used for adults as well. I am an occupational therapist by background which is why I got into policy. I want to make sure all people are getting the equipment they need. I understand that there is a new HCPCS Code effective in 2020, E2398, Wheelchair accessory, dynamic positioning hardware for back so I am revising our policy for January 2020 and will list E2398 for the Dynamic Rocker Back interface and use K0108 for the dynamic footrest and dynamic headrest hardware.”


Faith’s Mom
Pollock Pines, CA

“Faith has had the dynamic back for one year now and she loves it! It allows her to get the movement stimulation she so craves. She is happy when she can move.”

Kurt Schmidt, ATP, CRTS

CHI St. Alexius Health Great Plains Rehabilitation Services
Bismark, North Dakota

“I’ve secured funding for dynamic components on both power and manual wheelchairs. To date I don’t believe that I’ve ever been denied funding.”

Tamara Kittelson-Aldred, M.S., OTR/L, ATP/SMS

Missoula, MT

“Dynamic Seating is life changing for people who need it.”

Vincent Coratello

Adapted Equipment Specialist and Minister of Fleet Operations
Allegheny Valley School
Hummelstown, PA

“Some of these clients live in these chairs, it is a second home kind of concept, it is the recipient of their bad moods. We forget that all these people, no matter their cognitive level, have different personalities.”

Toby Bergantino, ATP

Rocky Hill, Connecticut

“In my eyes, if I’ve made a client more comfortable, I’ve succeeded.”

Christine G. Dale, OTR/L, ATP

Director Therapy Services
North Mississippi Regional Center
Oxford, MS

“How would you like to be stuck in one position all the time? If you have a few things you can move, why not?”

Diana Hoopes, PT

Mary Campbell Center
Wilmington, DE

“He loves it! This has saved the chair from breaking down because he has moving components now.”

Joe Gilkerson, ATP

Salisbury, MD

“I really believe dynamic seating allowed this young man (Blake) to progress to self-propulsion.”


Taylor’s Mom
Colorado Springs, CO

“Taylor received the dynamic back and we absolutely love it! It works so well with his tone. He likes that he can move a bit.”

Cary Yarbrough

Action Seating and Mobility
Sherwood, AK

“Kids, prior to their dynamic seating, would scream when someone carried them to their wheelchair. Now they can move and tolerate the wheelchair. Caregivers really like that.”


Eddie’s Mom
Braidwood, IL

“We are extremely happy with it (the Dynamic Rocker Back). My son has done some serious damage to previous chairs, this has made a huge difference in his life for sure.”

Karen “Missy” Ball, PT, MT, ATP

PhysioBall Therapy, LLC
Metairie, LA

“I have used dynamic backs several times in the past for clients with head trauma or cerebral palsy with periods of high extensor tone that broke back canes or headrest hardware. Definitely a needed component for those clients.”

Suzanne Payne Eason, OT/L

Director of Occupational Therapy Support Services
St. Mary’s Home
Norfolk, VA

“We have used many types of dynamic components on backrests at our facility and can say honestly that the only style that has been successful has been the Seating Dynamics backrest interface. Not only is it sturdy and holds up well for longer periods of time, it easy to maintain and adjust for changes.”

Sharon Sutherland (Pratt), PT

Seating Solutions
Longmont, CO

“Once we identified what movement patterns needed to be blocked and which movements were better being allowed to happen- it was simply amazing how these children and young adults responded!! They were much more calm, slept better, had less digestive challenges and above all else  “seemed happy – more smiley and less tears.” I am a big advocate of dynamic seating for that person who, upon thorough assessment and trial, is identified as a suitable candidate.”

Jill Sparacio, OTR/L, ATP/SMS

Sparacio Consulting Services
Downers Grove, IL

“The Dynamic Rocker Back option offers a dynamic seat- to-back junction.  As Derrick extends at his hips, the movement of the base eliminates solid resistance.  Instead of his movement and tone increasing (as it does with solid resistance), his movement was now facilitated, allowing his tone to calm down. The use of the Dynamic Rocker Back was successful in providing postural assistance to his active tone patterns. Of utmost importance was his need for a system that is durable and reliable.  Funding for repairs is not always available.  If Derrick’s system is broken, it results in him missing outings from which he gains a great deal of enjoyment.”


Daniel’s Mom
Centennial, CO

“If it weren’t for Seating Dynamics my son’s knees would still be swollen & bruised and he would still be breaking wheelchairs by shearing screws in half when he pushes with his high muscle tone. The moving parts allow him to be comfortable for longer periods of time and alleviates his pressure points, along with more options for positioning adjustments.”


Robert’s Dad
Los Angeles, CA

“His positioning in the chair is much better than what we have been able to provide in the past.  This facilitates his endurance, his comfort, and his ability to use augmentative communication devices. He seems more relaxed in his body, and therefore able to be more attentive with his mind. The fact that the Rocker Back reduces wheelchair breakages saves us time and emotional energy, gives us one less thing to stress over, and actually allows us to go enjoy life more often.”

JJ Waldrop, ATP

National Seating and Mobility
Richmond, VA

“I have tried several different manufacturers of dynamic components over the years but all pale in comparison to the products put out by Seating Dynamics. Products and customer service is top notch and their products have held up in the most extreme situations when configured properly. They are my go to for dynamics.”

Toby Bergantino, ATP

Rocky Hill, CT

“The Dynamic Back and Dynamic footrests have allowed some of my toughest clients to sit in comfort and stay positioned.”

Bert Lindholm, ATP

Denver, CO

“The Static Footrests are virtually indestructible for high-tone individuals and have the ability to be placed in almost any position.”

Melissa Tally, PT, MPT, ATP

Perlman Center
Cincinnati Children’s Hospital
Cincinnati, OH

“Dynamic Seating should be considered as an option for anyone with increased tone. We see dynamic seating improving access to assistive technologies. We are looking for dynamic seating options that match our therapeutic handling and support.”

Mark Locklear, ATP

Baltimore, MD

“Dynamic Seating allows for better postural alignment without having to reposition the client multiple times throughout the day. I like the multiple dynamic options (dynamic footrests and dynamic rocker back) to accommodate many obstacles with clients who have cerebral palsy in many of our day programs and residential homes. Specifically allowing clients to have functional movement has reduced the amount of extension patterns in several clients of mine.”

Robert J. (Joe) McKnight, ATP/SMS, CRTS

Director of Business Development – California, Nevada, Arizona
Cerritos, CA

“The use of a dynamic headrest on this kind of patient should be the standard, not just to protect the equipment, but the patient.” Referring to clients who repeatedly contact their head support with significant force.

Sheila M. Blochlinger, PT

Manager of the Rehabilitation Technology Department
Children’s Specialized Hospital
Mountainside, NJ

“What an amazing addition to our world!! The dynamic foot rests have changed my son and our family’s every day for the better. For years we have struggled to find a dynamic foot rest that could absorb my son’s remarkable and incessant spasticity in order to keep him seated properly and prevent orthopedic and respiratory concerns. We could see a HUGE difference right from the start. The need to reposition him every few minutes was almost completely gone. The support of the company has also been amazing for our many questions and concerns. We can’t wait to see the next dynamic products developed!!” (Quote from the client’s Mother)


Hannah’s Mom
Phoenix, AZ

“I loved that I could add it to her existing chair without changing the whole system. The DRBi is the best purchase I’ve ever made for Hannah.”