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Kylie's Dynamic Footrests Diffuse Extension

Kylie’s Dynamic Footrests Diffuse Extension

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When Kylie used to push on her footplates, her entire body extended and she moved out of position in relation to her seating system. With Dynamic Footrests, the footrests move in response to her force and so she remains in a seated position.

Carl before and after dynamic rocker back

Carl before and after Dynamic Seating

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Carl uses a molded seating systems with power wheelchair. See how Dynamic Seating improves both his positioning and function.

Rachel Rocking

Rachel’s Rocking, Sensory Input and Dynamic Backs

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Rachel loves to rock. She has very low vision and seeks out sensory input. Without a Dynamic Back, she was causing a great deal of wear and tear on her previous manual wheelchair and she was not able to move as readily.

preventing strong neck extension

Inhibiting Max’s Strong Neck Extension with Dynamic Head Support Hardware

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Max is an adult with cerebral palsy and significant extensor tone. His Baclofen pump was recently removed secondary to an infection. This has led to strong neck hyperextension and rotation.

movement at the ankle

Movement at the Ankle – Dynamic Footrest Plantar / Dorsi Flexion Option

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When seated in a wheelchair and the lower extremity is extended, extension may be seen at the hip, knee, and even ankle (plantar flexion).

Quick Class

Quick Class: Dynamic Seating – Determining Dynamic Head Support Hardware Resistance

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The optimal level of resistance is critical to the functioning of Dynamic Head Support Hardware. In this Quick Class, we will review how to determine resistance based on specific client parameters.

Oliver dynamic rocker back

Oliver Demonstrating Need for a Dynamic Back

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Oliver is using the Dynamic Back on his Rifton Activity Chair in this video and loving it! As this was so successful for him, his team ordered a Seating Dynamics Dynamic Rocker Back interface on his new manual wheelchair.

Phillips before and after

Phillip – Before and After Dynamic Seating

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On the left, Phillip had rocked so much in his static wheelchair that the frame was worn to the point of allowing excessive movement. On the right, he is enjoying the smooth rocking movement of the Seating Dynamics Dynamic Rocker Back interface which allows him to move and maintains frame integrity.

close up dynamic rocker back

Seating Dynamics Close Up Dynamic Rocker Back In Movement

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In this video, you will see the DRBi elastomer absorbing and diffusing force as the client rocks at the hips.


How to Use the Online Request for Quote Tool for Dealers

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Resellers, dealers and ATPs of businesses can learn how to register and use the online Request for Quote (RFQ) tool.