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Pain in People Using Wheelchairs – Prevalence, Cause and Interventions

Wheeled seating and mobility is designed to support a person in an optimal position within a dependent or independent mobility base. Optimal positioning may be defined as orthopedic alignment, body symmetry in multiple planes, pressure distribution or increased function. Another measure of optimal positioning within a wheelchair is comfort – otherwise referred to as the lack or reduction of pain. Prolonged sitting can lead to pain, particularly in certain wheelchair users.

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Determining if a Dynamic Back is Appropriate

In general, if a client has moderate to significant hip extension, is seeking movement, and/or has a history of equipment breakage, a Dynamic Back may be appropriate. However, trialing a Dynamic Back can be challenging, as the frame may have to be modified to trial this equipment. How do you determine if this intervention is appropriate without actually trying it?

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Seating Dynamics Dynamic Seating Sample Medical Justification Wording

The following are sample medical justification wording for specific Dynamic Seating components which may be used in documentation, such as a Letter of Medical Necessity. These examples do not replace competent evaluation. If you require further assistance with documentation, please contact us for help. Download to learn more. Download a Copy Online Form – Seating…

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Dynamic Seating Decision Making Tree

A general Decision Making Tree, guiding the provider through clinical indicators for dynamic seating. Download to read more. Download a Copy Online Form – Seating Dynamics – Resources Library Form

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Proceedings Paper for Positioning the Head

Not everyone who uses a wheelchair requires head positioning. Sometimes a head support is required only for safety in transportation if the client travels seated in their wheelchair. A head support may only be required to provide posterior support during tilt or recline. Many clients do have decreased head control and may require specific seating…

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Dynamic Seating: The Results are In!

Dynamic seating has always been an area of interest for me. Before any specific product options were available, we were trying out different strategies at our seating and mobility clinic to provide some movement, absorb forces and protect equipment. Read more of this article by Michelle L. Lange, OTR/L, ABDA, ATP/SMS as published in Mobility…

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