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Seating Dynamics Literature Review

Literature Review on Dynamic Wheelchair Seating

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Our literature review on Dynamic Seating includes over 200 peer reviewed and non-peer reviewed articles, presentations and proceedings, design articles,…

RESNA Position on the Application of Dynamic Seating

RESNA Position on the Application of Dynamic Seating

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The purpose of this document is to share typical clinical applications as well as provide evidence from the literature supporting the application of dynamic seating to assist practitioners in decision-making and justification.

seating dynamics sample medical justifications

Overview – Sample Medical Justification – All Dynamic Seating Components

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The following are sample medical justification wording for specific Dynamic Seating components which may be used in documentation, such as…

seating dynamics sample medical justifications

Sample Medical Justification – Dynamic Rocker Back interface

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The following are sample medical justification wording for the Seating Dynamics Dynamic Rocker Back interface which may be used in…

seating dynamics case study ashley

Ashley – Dynamic Seating: Dystonia & Equipment Breakage

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Ashley is a 35 year old woman with the diagnoses of cerebral palsy and dystonia. She exhibits large and forceful movements (dystonia) which have led to injury to her legs and damage to the wheelchair. She needs to move and her movements increase when she is agitated or excited.

seating dynamics blog dyllie case study

Dyllie – Maintaining Position and Increasing Seating Tolerance Down Under

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Dyllie is a 25 year old man with the diagnosis of cerebral palsy who has been using Seating Dynamics Dynamic Footrests (telescoping, elevating, and plantar/dorsi flexion), Dynamic Rocker Back, and Dynamic Head Support Hardware for 8 months at the time of this case study.

seating dynamics case study kristen

Kristen – Extension and Equipment Breakage

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Kristen is a 31 year old woman with the diagnosis of cerebral palsy. She has involvement in both legs and one upper extremity, with more involvement in the lower extremities (Triplegia).


Somewhere To Go: Dynamic Seating Helps Manage Harmful Forces

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Mobility Management explores the forces clients can exert within wheelchair seating and how Dynamic Seating can address those forces.

Seating Dynamics Case Study Darcy featured image

Darcy – Reducing Agitation and Providing Sensory Input through Movement

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See how a Dynamic Rocker Back has not only satisfied Darcy’s need to rock in his wheelchair, but improved safety, sitting tolerance, function and decreased equipment breakage.

seating dynamics blog review of hip musculatur

Review of Hip Musculature and Impact of Dynamic Back Design

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A whopping 21 muscles cross the hip – and I’m absolutely certain I can’t name them all. These muscles provide movement in 3 planes and provide stability between the femur and acetabulum (the hip joint).

using dynamics seating to reduce client injury and equipment damage

Using Dynamic Seating to Reduce Client Injury and Equipment Damage

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This case study follows a single participant from age 6 to his early 20’s as his seating and mobility team worked to find optimal seating solutions to maintain his position and prevent injury and equipment breakage.

seating dynamics case study carl maintaining position featured image

Carl – Maintaining Position through Dynamic Seating

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Carl is a 44 year old man with the diagnosis of cerebral palsy. He drives a power wheelchair with a head array and has accessed a computer keyboard using a head pointer.