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Seating Dynamics is the industry leader in creating innovative components for wheelchairs. Our products use the most advanced technology to add durability and functionality to most wheelchairs.

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What is Dynamic Seating?

Dynamic seating provides movement within a wheelchair. When the client moves, the dynamic seating components move with the client, maintaining alignment with the seating system for postural support and stability. The Dynamic Rocker Back, Dynamic Footrests, and Dynamic Headrest can be used individually, or in combination, to meet an individual’s needs.

Clients who extend within the seating system or seek out movement may benefit from dynamic seating. Dynamic components absorb and diffuse force, protecting both the client and the wheelchair seat and frame from damage. Absorbing force may reduce muscle tone. Providing movement can increase alertness and decrease agitation. Dynamic seating can improve quality of life for many wheelchair users and their caregivers.

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At Seating Dynamics, it is our mission to provide the highest quality products to improve the quality of life for the clients you serve. We can help you find a provider in your area, resources for fitting and installing dynamic seating components, education, and even sample wording for funding documentation. We are here to meet your needs!


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