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We Make Wheelchairs Better!

Seating Dynamics is the industry leader in creating innovative components for wheelchairs. Our products use the most advanced technology to add movement, durability, and functionality to most wheelchairs.
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What is Dynamic Seating?

Dynamic seating allows coordinated movement within a wheelchair. When the client moves, the dynamic seating components move with the client, maintaining alignment with the seating system for postural support and stability. The Dynamic Rocker Back, Dynamic Footrests, and Dynamic Head Support Hardware can be used individually, or in combination, to meet an individual’s needs. Clients who extend within the seating system or seek out movement may benefit from dynamic seating. Dynamic components absorb and diffuse force, protecting both the client from pain and injury and the wheelchair seat and frame from damage. Absorbing force may also reduce muscle tone. Providing movement can increase alertness and decrease agitation. Movement can also improve function and postural control. Dynamic seating can improve quality of life for many wheelchair users and their caregivers.

Resources for ATPs, Caregivers, Clinicians & Families

It takes a team of caring individuals to provide for our clients and make the best choices for their well-being, health, safety, and growth. We provide blogs, videos, research and references, classes, how-to guides, case studies, FAQs, compatibility and more to facilitate informed decisions and care.

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Dyllie – Maintaining Position and Increasing Seating Tolerance Down Under

Dyllie is a 25 year old man with the diagnosis of cerebral palsy who has been using Seating Dynamics Dynamic Footrests (telescoping, elevating, and plantar/dorsi flexion), Dynamic Rocker Back, and Dynamic Head Support Hardware for 8 months at the time of this case study.
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Newly Designed Dynamic Footrests! It’s all about the Pivot Point!

Dynamic Seating components are designed to move with a client. A great deal of design goes into these components to ensure the product responds to client forces and maintains client position.
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Free CEU: 7/11 Muscle Tone and Tone Management: General Positioning Strategies for Clients with Increased Tone

Join OT Michelle Lange on 7/11 for this Free CEU on Positioning Strategies for Clients with Increased Muscle Tone.

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In Their Words

Karen Reckamp, OTR/L, ATP/SMS

Rehabilitation Manager, Wolfson Children’s Hospital
Jacksonville, FL

“We need to let people move…can you imagine sitting strapped to your chair for 4-6 hours at a time?!”

Becky Breaux, MS, OTR/L, ATP

Assistive Technology Clinic, Center for Inclusive Design and Engineering
Denver, CO

“Dynamic Seating can be life-changing!”

Lauren Hunter, OT

Linds Rehab
Hallam, Victoria, Australia

“Dynamic hardware is an essential component of the wheelchair for Dyllie to optimize function and represent who he is as a full-time wheelchair user.”

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