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We Make Wheelchairs Better!

Seating Dynamics is the industry leader in creating innovative components for wheelchairs. Our products use the most advanced technology to add movement, durability and functionality to most wheelchairs.

What is Dynamic Seating?

Dynamic seating provides movement within a wheelchair. When the client moves, the dynamic seating components move with the client, maintaining alignment with the seating system for postural support and stability. The Dynamic Rocker Back, Dynamic Footrests, and Dynamic Head Support Hardware can be used individually, or in combination, to meet an individual’s needs. Clients who extend within the seating system or seek out movement may benefit from dynamic seating. Dynamic components absorb and diffuse force, protecting both the client from pain and injury and the wheelchair seat and frame from damage. Absorbing force may reduce muscle tone. Providing movement can increase alertness and decrease agitation. Movement can also improve function and postural control. Dynamic seating can improve quality of life for many wheelchair users and their caregivers.

Resources for ATPS, Caregivers, Clinicians & Families

It takes a team of caring individuals to provide for our clients and make the best choices for their well-being, health, safety and growth. We provide blogs, videos, research and references, classes, how-tos, case studies, FAQs, compatibility and more to provide for informed decisions and care.

Young girl with cerebral palsy sitting in Dynamic Seating wheelchair

Dystonia and Dynamic Seating

Many clients with increased muscle tone also display dystonia. Dystonia is “characterized by involuntary, patterned, sustained, or repetitive contractions of opposing muscles, resulting in abnormal twisting body movements and abnormal postures”.
Jonathan demonstrating head position

Dynamic Head Support Hardware and Head Position – Can One Help the Other?

Many clients who benefit from Dynamic Seating specifically benefit from movement at the neck. This may include clients who forcefully extend at the neck or who bang against the head support repeatedly, often in conjunction with a total body rocking movement.
Quick Class

Quick Class: Dynamic Seating – Preventing Client Injury

Dynamic Seating can assist with preventing client injury for those who exert sustained or intermittent force against seating components. These forces can lead to pain, joint and bone injuries, and possibly even concussions. Dynamic Seating absorbs forces, preventing these injuries.

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In Their Words

“I am a huge believer that seating is NOT a static activity. Many of the individuals I have the privilege of working with in clinical practice demonstrate how much they NEED to move. I sincerely hope we begin to see more dynamic options for these individuals here in Ireland because when I was working in…

Sharon Sutherland
PT Seating Solutions, LLC
Sligo, Ireland

“Great products. We have not had one problem with them even with the amount of use they receive. I would highly recommend them.”

Luke Conway
Managing Director LC Seating Ltd
Sligo, Ireland

“Seating Dynamics can make a big difference in some of my customers with very high tone.”

David Monceaux
Regional Sales Manager Ability Medical
Bradenton, FL

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