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seating dynamics we make wheelchairs better

Seating Dynamics is an industry leader in creating innovative components for wheelchairs that enhance movement. Our products use the most advanced technology to add movement, durability and functionality to most wheelchairs.

Humans are dynamic beings - moving long before birth; we need to move.

Seating Dynamics champions the emerging truth that movement within a wheelchair seating system can improve quality of health and life.

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What is Dynamic Seating?

Dynamic Seating allows coordinated movement within a wheelchair. When the client moves, the dynamic seating components move with the client, maintaining alignment with the seating system for postural support and stability. Dynamic Rocker Backs, Dynamic Footrests, and Dynamic Head Support Hardware can be used individually, or in combination to meet a variety of needs including tone management, pain and injury reduction, improved function and more.

Who Benefits from Dynamic Seating?

If the client is pushing with force against the seating system, possibly resulting in injury, equipment damage, and loss of posture, Dynamic Seating diffuses forces, allowing movement without loss of alignment. If the client is seeking out movement, Dynamic seating moves in response to client movement, often decreasing agitation and increasing alertness. Click to explore how the clients below have each benefitted from different combinations of Dynamic Seating components.

It Takes a Team

Dynamic Seating Resources Tailored to Every Member of the Team

We’ve developed a full library of blogs, videos, research, classes, and more to provide for informed decisions and care.

Just Getting Started? Check Out Our StartUp Collections curated just for you:

Consumers & Caregivers

Are you using a wheelchair or care for someone who does?

  • What is Dynamic Seating?
  • How do you know if Dynamic Seating is needed?
  • Case Studies
  • Videos of Clients using Dynamic Seating


Are you an Occupational or Physical Therapist working with people using wheelchairs?

  • What is Dynamic Seating?
  • How do you know if Dynamic Seating is needed?
  • Assessment
  • RESNA Position Paper on Dynamic Seating
  • Funding information, including sample justification wording
  • Education

CRT Suppliers and Technicians

Are you a Complex Rehab Supplier or Technician working with people using wheelchairs?

  • What is Dynamic Seating?
  • How do you know if Dynamic Seating is needed?
  • Funding information, including sample justification wording
  • Compatibility
  • Technical videos
  • Technical Considerations
    • installation
    • determining resistance
    • maintenance

In Their Words

Arthur, Henry’s Dad

Portland, OR

“Again, I can’t thank you enough for speaking with me, managing Henry’s care/needs can be overwhelming at times and having you understand how complicated these things can be while actually doing something to help improve the quality of care/life for people with CP was very refreshing.”

Karen Reckamp, OTR/L, ATP/SMS

Rehabilitation Manager, Wolfson Children’s Hospital
Jacksonville, FL

“We need to let people move…can you imagine sitting strapped to your chair for 4-6 hours at a time?!”

Becky Breaux, MS, OTR/L, ATP

Assistive Technology Clinic, Center for Inclusive Design and Engineering
Denver, CO

“Dynamic Seating can be life-changing!”

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