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General Seating Strategies used with People who have Increased Muscle Tone

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This blog is part 6 of a series on Muscle Tone. In this blog, we will discuss general wheelchair seating strategies commonly used when working with someone who has increased muscle tone.

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Effective 6/1/22: Dynamic Components Request For Quote/Ordering Policy Change

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Effective June 1, 2022 Thanks to the beta users who have provided feedback during testing over the past two years.…

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Tone Management and Medical Interventions to Decrease Muscle Tone

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This blog is part 5 of a series on Muscle Tone. Many medical interventions can impact wheelchair positioning for clients with increased muscle tone. This includes tone reduction medications, injections, surgeries, and orthotics.

seating dynamics blog diagnoses characterized by increased muscle tone

Diagnoses Characterized by Increased Muscle Tone

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This blog is part 4 of a series on Muscle Tone. Many diagnoses are characterized by increased muscle tone. These include cerebral palsy (CP), traumatic brain injury (TBI), multiple sclerosis (MS), and some metabolic and genetic disorders.

seating dynamics blog asymmetrical tonic neck reflex

What are Primitive Reflexes?

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Primitive Reflexes, also called obligatory patterns, are commonly seen in people with increased muscle tone. These reflexes are present in infancy and often aid in specific tasks such as nursing.

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What are Movement Disorders?

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This is the second blog in a series on muscle tone and positioning. Many people with increased muscle tone also demonstrate various movement disorders. Let’s take a look.

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European Seating Symposium 2022

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Seating Dynamics is excited to share our products with Europe at ESS 2022 in Dublin.

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What is Muscle Tone?

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If a client has increased muscle tone, this will impact what seated position is selected and what seating strategies will be used to achieve and maintain this position.

Seating Dynamics Blog 118 Dynamic Footrest Maintenance

Maintenance Time! The Dynamic Footrests

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Dynamic Seating uses elastomers, springs, and/or hydraulics to absorb force, store energy, and return the client to a starting position. Instead of the wheelchair frame breaking, the dynamic component will wear and require replacement.


Does Dynamic Seating Increase Shear?

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In wheelchair seating, shear occurs when the client’s body tissues move in relation to the surfaces of the seating system. This can occur during transfers, movement within the seating system, or movement of the seating system or wheelchair frame.