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Seating Dynamics Top 10 Resources 2021

Top 10 Dynamic Seating Resources from 2021

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From seminars to sample letters of justification to blogs, take a look back at 2021 and see what Dynamic Seating resources our community found most helpful this past year.


Dynamic Seating: a history lesson

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Explore how dynamic seating, movement within a wheelchair, has evolved over the past 150 years.


Linds Rehabilitation Equipment Named Exclusive Australia Distributor of Seating Dynamics Wheelchair Components

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Seating Dynamics announces the appointment of Linds Rehabilitation Equipment as our exclusive distributor for Australia effective 11/2021.


The Dynamic Seating Resistance Relationship: too much, too little, or just right!

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Resistance to force allows the dynamic seating component to return to its starting position. If it is too low or too high, the component will not work effectively.


Clinician Interview – Stefanie Laurence: Problem Solving During the Seating Assessment

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Stefanie is the Clinical Educator at Motion, Inc. in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Prior this position, Stefanie was at Bloorview Children’s Hospital for many years.

dynamic rocker back interface

FAQs: Dynamic Rocker Back interface Compatibility and Installation

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Some of our most frequently asked questions have to do with Compatibility and Installation of the Dynamic Rocker Back interface (DRBi). Let’s take a look at the questions you have been asking and our answers.


Dynamic Stories: Carl – improved wheelchair driving and computer use

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Dynamic Seating is designed to provide movement; however, client movement may actually decrease after using Dynamic Seating for a while. Why?

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Supplier Interview: Doug Cobbs, ATP, CRTS

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Doug Cobbs, ATP, CRTS is Vice President of Healthcare Equipment, Inc. in Durham, North Carolina. Doug has been working closely with Seating Dynamics to address the needs of a client he works with, Carl. Doug graciously shared some of his time with me recently.

DRBI back latch

FAQ: When is Dynamic Seating NOT Clinically Indicated?

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Are there instances when Dynamic Seating is NOT indicated for a client? A while back, a colleague of mine stated, “why wouldn’t we let a client move?” We are wired to move and seek out movement for a variety of reasons. Personally, I’m not a big fan of sitting still.

headrest where's the ball

FAQ: Where’s the Ball?

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When ordering or receiving single or multi axis Dynamic Head Support Hardware, many people ask us “Where’s the Ball?” Most head supports (or headrests) use a ball between the head pad and the mounting hardware. Seating Dynamics does not. Why?