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how to know if clients need dynamic seating

How Do I Know if a Client Needs Dynamic Seating?

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In earlier blogs we have addressed key topics such as “What is Dynamic Seating” and “Dynamic Seating: Clinical Indicators.” In this blog series, we will take a look from the other side – what can you currently observe that indicates this person could benefit from Dynamic Seating?

seating dynamics blog review of hip musculatur

Review of Hip Musculature and Impact of Dynamic Back Design

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A whopping 21 muscles cross the hip – and I’m absolutely certain I can’t name them all. These muscles provide movement in 3 planes and provide stability between the femur and acetabulum (the hip joint).

Can Dynamic Seating Really Help GI Issues?

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Dynamic Seating has so many clinical indicators. Research and clinician experience also show a benefit to the gastrointestinal system.

Seating Dynamics Bert Lindholm Supplier

Supplier Interview: Bert Lindholm, ATP, FWD Mobility, Denver, CO

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Bert Lindholm has worked in our industry for 29 years now, first in Georgia and then in Colorado. He is now at FWD Mobility in Aurora, CO.

Seating Dynamics seminar map

Dynamic Seating Education Around the World!

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Did you know that Dynamic Seating courses were presented at 3 International Conferences this year?

Seating Dynamics blog clinician interview

Clinician Interview – Ginny Paleg: What Does the Research Say About Lack of Movement?

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Ginny Paleg, PT, DScPT is a pediatric physiotherapist from Silver Spring, Maryland, USA. For the past 17 years, she has worked with children aged 0-3 years in homes and childcare.

seating dynamics blog 126 high pivot need

Dynamic Footrests, Pivot Points, and High Pivot Receivers

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Dynamic Seating components are designed to move with a client. A great deal of design goes into these components to ensure the product responds to client forces and maintains client position.

seating dynamics seating for people with increased muscle tone blog

Dynamic Seating for People with Increased Muscle Tone

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This blog is the final in a series on Muscle Tone. This series has addressed muscle tone itself, movement disorders, primitive reflexes, diagnoses characterized by increased muscle tone, tone management, and general wheelchair seating strategies used with this population.

seating dynamics blog 125 F

General Seating Strategies used with People who have Increased Muscle Tone

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This blog is part 6 of a series on Muscle Tone. In this blog, we will discuss general wheelchair seating strategies commonly used when working with someone who has increased muscle tone.

seating dynamics request a quote blog

Effective 6/1/22: Dynamic Components Request For Quote/Ordering Policy Change

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Effective June 1, 2022 Thanks to the beta users who have provided feedback during testing over the past two years.…