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determining footrest movements

How to Determine Which Dynamic Footrest Movements are Indicated for an Individual?

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Dynamic Footrests provide up to three types of movement – a telescoping downward movement, knee extension, and plantar/dorsi flexion.


Supplier Interview – Dynamic Seating Down Under with Astris PME, New South Wales, Australia

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Meet Venesha Moodley and Laurie Grace of Astris PME and learn how they are using dynamic seating in New South Wales, Australia.


Dynamic Seating and the Restraint Debate

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There are times when a wheelchair seating and mobility team, after careful evaluation and problem-solving, makes specific recommendations – only to hear that these well thought out interventions may be considered to be a restraint. So just what is considered a restraint and how does this affect Dynamic Seating?


Sara: a mover and a shaker!

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Sara has a diagnosis of cerebral palsy and seizures. She has a long history of destroying footrests with aggressive movement in her wheelchair, Dynamic Seating has helped.


FAQs about the Seating Dynamics One-Piece Footboard

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Depending on available range of motion or contractures of the knee and ankle joints, a client’s foot position may not align with a standard foot plate position. A One-Piece Footboard provides a wider surface to accommodate unique foot placements.

Super Contracture for Static Footrests

Static Wheelchair Footrests: special circumstances

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Why does the world need another static footrest hanger? While manual and power wheelchairs come with a variety of available footrests, standard footrests do not meet the needs of everyone. This one adjusts to meet those needs.

woman in wheelchair

Dynamic Stories: an interview with 2009 Ms. Arkansas Wheelchair

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I recently spoke with Ryan Read, ATP of Presidential Mobility in Fayetteville, AK. He shared how much Dynamic Seating had impacted a client he works with – Jacqueline. I was particularly intrigued that her new Dynamic Seating has actually improved her speech production.

Seating Dynamics Top 10 Blogs 2019

Top 10 Dynamic Seating Resources from 2020

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From videos to sample letters of justification to blogs, take a look back at 2020 and see what Dynamic Seating resources our community found most helpful this past year.

Ryan Read

Supplier Interview: Ryan Read, ATP – A Dynamic Journey

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Ryan Read grew up in Topeka, KS where his Mom worked with children with special needs. These early experiences had an impact on Ryan who now works as an ATP in wheelchair seating and mobility.

Mala Aaronson

An Interview with Mala Aaronson, OT, ATP, CRTS

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Mala Aaronson, OT is an amazing seating and mobility specialist working for National Seating & Mobility in Natick, MA. Mala took time out of her busy schedule to talk with me about Dynamic Seating.