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RESNA application of dynamic seating

RESNA Position on the Application of Dynamic Seating, Assistive Technology Journal

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This RESNA Position Paper was approved by the Board of Directors in November of 2020. This Position Paper has now been published in the Taylor & Frances Assistive Technology Journal as of September 2021.

case study joe

Joe – Maintaining Position and Reducing Extension

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Joe is a teenager with very high muscle tone and strong patterns of movement due to brain injury as an infant. See how Dynamic Seating has helped him maintain position, reduce extension, and improve function.

dynamic rocker back interface

FAQs: Dynamic Rocker Back interface Compatibility and Installation

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Some of our most frequently asked questions have to do with Compatibility and Installation of the Dynamic Rocker Back interface (DRBi). Let’s take a look at the questions you have been asking and our answers.

Kylie's Dynamic Footrests Diffuse Extension

Kylie’s Dynamic Footrests Diffuse Extension

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When Kylie used to push on her footplates, her entire body extended and she moved out of position in relation to her seating system. With Dynamic Footrests, the footrests move in response to her force and so she remains in a seated position.


Dynamic Stories: Carl – improved wheelchair driving and computer use

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Dynamic Seating is designed to provide movement; however, client movement may actually decrease after using Dynamic Seating for a while. Why?

Seating Dynamics Doug Cobb Blog 113A featured image

Supplier Interview: Doug Cobbs, ATP, CRTS

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Doug Cobbs, ATP, CRTS is Vice President of Healthcare Equipment, Inc. in Durham, North Carolina. Doug has been working closely with Seating Dynamics to address the needs of a client he works with, Carl. Doug graciously shared some of his time with me recently.

Carl before and after dynamic rocker back

Carl before and after Dynamic Seating

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Carl uses a molded seating systems with power wheelchair. See how Dynamic Seating improves both his positioning and function.

DRBI back latch

FAQ: When is Dynamic Seating NOT Clinically Indicated?

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Are there instances when Dynamic Seating is NOT indicated for a client? A while back, a colleague of mine stated, “why wouldn’t we let a client move?” We are wired to move and seek out movement for a variety of reasons. Personally, I’m not a big fan of sitting still.

headrest where's the ball

FAQ: Where’s the Ball?

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When ordering or receiving single or multi axis Dynamic Head Support Hardware, many people ask us “Where’s the Ball?” Most head supports (or headrests) use a ball between the head pad and the mounting hardware. Seating Dynamics does not. Why?

Quick Class

Quick Class: Dynamic Seating – Determining Which Dynamic Footrest Movements are Indicated

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Dynamic Footrests provide movement in 3 directions: telescoping downward, knee extension, and ankle plantar flexion. This Quick Class discusses how to determine which movement to select for an individual client.