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Jonathan – Managing Extreme Extensor Tone

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Jonathan is a 23 year old man with the diagnosis of cerebral palsy with significant extensor tone. Learn how Dynamic Seating, when used in combination throughout the body can eliminate equipment breakage, relax the body and improve function. 


What is Dynamic Seating? A Definition. – An update of our most popular blog!

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Our most-read blog is one that defines Dynamic Seating. That initial blog was posted about 4 years ago, so we wanted to revisit this foundational topic.


Dynamic Seating and Transportation: Dynamic Head Support Hardware considerations

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Michelle L. Lange, OTR/L, ABDA, ATP/SMS This is the third blog in a series on transporting people in their wheelchair…


Thursday CRT Industry COVID-19 Updates

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Suppliers – Clinicians – Manufacturers Stay current on Complex Rehab Technology (CRT) policy changes and protocols. This series of weekly…

Seminar Watch Now

Dynamic Seating

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The recorded session of Dynamic Seating by Michelle L. Lange, OTR/L, ABDA, ATP/SMS from the AT-TIES Together Conference 2020 is available to watch now.

Dynamic Footrest

Dynamic Seating and Transportation: Dynamic Footrest considerations

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In the second blog in our series on Dynamic Seating for Wheelchairs and Transportation, we turn our attention to Dynamic Footrests on a wheelchair being transported.

Dynamic Rocker Back Interface

Dynamic Seating and Transportation: DRBi considerations

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The wheelchair industry has guidelines to keep wheelchair users safe during transportation. How does Dynamic Seating fit into the equation? This series explores just that.


The International Seating Symposium 2020

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A New Position Paper Moves Ahead! This ISS conference marked the third annual meeting of the International Dynamic Seating Workgroup (IDSW). We discussed the Position Paper, Dynamic Seating education at ISS 2021, and educational video topics.

Jill Sparcio

Dynamic Seating – interventions and reality

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Jill Sparacio, OTR/L, ATP/SMS, ABDA has over 37 years’ experience in occupational therapy, specializing in seating and wheeled mobility. Jill uses Dynamic Seating quite a bit and took a moment to talk with us.

Hannah using the Dynamic Rocker Back

Hannah – using the Dynamic Rocker Back to diffuse force and provide movement

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Hannah has cerebral palsy and likes to move. The Dynamic Rocker Back she uses diffuses force and provides stimulating movement.