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Joe’s Dynamic Footrests

Joe has cerebral palsy and dystonia. His Dynamic Rocker Back interface, in combination with his Dynamic Footrests, allow him to move, prevent breakage, and maintain his posture within the seating system.

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Dystonia and Dynamic Seating

Many clients with increased muscle tone also display dystonia. Dystonia is “characterized by involuntary, patterned, sustained, or repetitive contractions of opposing muscles, resulting in abnormal twisting body movements and abnormal postures”.

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Dynamic Seating: What Does the Research Say? Part 3

Our last two blogs explored some of the published research that has been done on Dynamic Seating, demonstrating the effectiveness of this intervention for many of the clients using wheelchair technologies. This blog will review some additional research that has been presented at Wheeled Seating and Mobility conferences such as the International Seating Symposium, but has not been published. Although this information is not in the literature, it can still be helpful in directing our interventions.

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