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Dynamic Stories: Time to Rock and Not Roll

Phillip is a mover and a shaker – literally! This adult with developmental disabilities likes to move. He lives at a residential facility in Delaware. Years of rocking in his manual wheelchairs have left a trail of destruction. He has broken seating systems, mounting hardware, and wheelchair frames as a result of repeated and often strong movements.

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Movement and Neuroplasticity

Suzanne Payne Eason, OT/L – NRRTS Directions

Movement in a seating system and mobility device is essential for neuroplasticity in the neurologically challenged client. Explore this topic with veteran clinician, Suzanne Payne Eason.

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Dynamic Seating for Wheelchairs – Dynamic Components in Motion

Seating Dynamics offers a Dynamic Rocker Back Interface, Dynamic Footrests and Dynamic Head Support Hardware which are compatible with most manual and power wheelchairs. These add-on wheelchair components provide and support movement within a wheelchair throughout the body. Dynamic Seating serves as a solution to a variety of wheelchair seating challenges and can help: To…

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Dynamic Seating

Dee Dee Freney, OTR/L, ATP and Keith Schwartz, MA, ATP – NRRTS Directions

The balance of stability and movement is key to function. Dynamic Seating can facilitate this through supports.

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