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Dynamic Seating for People with Cerebral Palsy

Dynamic Seating is movement which occurs within the seat and/or wheelchair frame in response to force from the client.  Dynamic components absorb force which in turn assists the client back to a starting position. Dynamic Seating is frequently used to prevent equipment breakage, prevent client injury, diffuse extensor tone, and provide movement. For people with cerebral palsy who use a wheelchair, Dynamic Seating is a great option for many reasons.

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Dynamic Seating: What Does the Research Say? Part 1

If you have been reading our blogs, thanks! You have seen that we are passionate about Dynamic Seating and have addressed many issues in these blogs and in other resources – clinical indicators, case studies, clinician and supplier perspectives, funding, maintenance and more! In this blog series, I would like to address Evidence. Is there Evidence for the use of Dynamic Seating?

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Dynamic Seating: What Does the Research Say? Part 2

Our last blog explored some of the research that has been done on Dynamic Seating, demonstrating the effectiveness of this intervention for many of the clients using wheelchair technologies. This blog will review 3 additional studies. Although these studies are now dated, the information is still relevant to our practice today. More studies are needed, however, to update the evidence we use to inform our practice.

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