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Somewhere To Go: Dynamic Seating Helps Manage Harmful Forces

Somewhere To Go: Dynamic Seating Helps Manage Harmful Forces

Somewhere to Go: How Dynamic Seating Can Help Manage Otherwise Harmful Forces was published by Mobility Management on 10/1/2022. This article, written by Laurie Watanabe, reviews how client exert forces within wheelchair seating and how Dynamic Seating can resolve challenges related to those forces.

Do you remember that cute second-grader with cerebral palsy? The one who loves Spider-Man? He’s back because he broke the footplate off his wheelchair.

Yes, again.

Dynamic wheelchair seating can be helpful for many clients, from those who exhibit seemingly superhuman strength and tone when in static seating, to those who benefit from moving while sitting, to those who need assistance to stay properly positioned.

While wheelchair seating that moves might seem a bit counter-intuitive — Aren’t wheelchairs supposed to provide stability? — Jessica Presperin Pedersen, OTD, MBA, OTR/L, ATP/SMS, FAOTA, the Director of Clinical Education for Sunrise North America, pointed out that the ability to move while in a wheelchair does mimic how able-bodied people move.

“We constantly move,” she said. “We’re moving now. It’s not like we’re static. And so for somebody who doesn’t have that ability, can we incorporate that ability?”

Read the full article on Dynamic Seating on the Mobility Management site.

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