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Pain in People Using Wheelchairs Article Screenshot

Pain in People Using Wheelchairs – Prevalence, Cause and Interventions

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Wheeled seating and mobility is designed to support a person in an optimal position within a dependent or independent mobility base. Optimal positioning may be defined as orthopedic alignment, body symmetry in multiple planes, pressure distribution or increased function. Another measure of optimal positioning within a wheelchair is comfort – otherwise referred to as the lack or reduction of pain. Prolonged sitting can lead to pain, particularly in certain wheelchair users.

3D Illustration of Brain Activity

Movement and Neuroplasticity

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Movement in a seating system and mobility device is essential for neuroplasticity in the neurologically challenged client. I have worked…

Smiling Young Man in Seating Dynamics Wheelchair

Let’s Get Moving! Providing Movement Within a Wheelchair Seating System

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One disadvantage of wheelchair seating is that it doesn’t move. As a result, the child doesn’t move – unless they…

Dynamic Seating: The Results Are In! Article Screenshot

Dynamic Seating: The Results are In!

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Dynamic seating has always been an area of interest for me. Before any specific product options were available, we were…

Enhancing Development with Dynamic Wheelchair Components Article Screenshot

Enhancing Development with Dynamic Components

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This article will discuss the concepts of how and why dynamic components on seating systems and wheelchair frames enhance a…

Dynamics Seating Article Screenshot

Dynamic Seating

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According to Wikipedia, the online encyclopedia, Yin and Yang are “opposite contrary forces that are actually complementary, interconnected, and interdependent…