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Does Dynamic Seating Increase Shear?

In wheelchair seating, shear occurs when the client’s body tissues move in relation to the surfaces of the seating system. This can occur during transfers, movement within the seating system, or movement of the seating system or wheelchair frame.

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Wheelchair Seating Surfaces, Cushions & Dynamic Seating

Can a Dynamic Back be used with any type of seat? Does the movement allowed by this component limit what seating surface can be used? This is an important consideration. A seat or cushion is typically designed to support the pelvis and provide pressure distribution when the client is in a static position. Dynamic seating gets things moving!

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Oil and Water – Do Molded Backs and Dynamic Seating Mix?

Oil and water don’t mix well and we often assume that molded seating and movement don’t mix either. Why? Well, a molded seat or back provides very intimate contact with the client’s body. If, for example, the seat to back angle changes, this can change the alignment of the client in relation to these intimate contours.

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