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Dynamic Stories

Dynamic Stories

seating dynamics csmc 2023

Canadian Seating & Mobility Conference 2023

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This year’s Canadian Seating & Mobility Conference was great! Greg Peek and Michelle Lange traveled to Toronto for the event. Michelle presented “Dynamic Seating: Providing Movement for Clinical Benefit” to a full house.


Dynamic Stories: Carl – improved wheelchair driving and computer use

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Dynamic Seating is designed to provide movement; however, client movement may actually decrease after using Dynamic Seating for a while. Why?

Derrick holding a painting

Dynamic Stories: Derrick

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Derrick’s dynamic seating has reduced active muscle tone, improved his posture, and reduced equipment breakage.

woman in wheelchair

Dynamic Stories: an interview with 2009 Ms. Arkansas Wheelchair

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I recently spoke with Ryan Read, ATP of Presidential Mobility in Fayetteville, AK. He shared how much Dynamic Seating had impacted a client he works with – Jacqueline. I was particularly intrigued that her new Dynamic Seating has actually improved her speech production.

Jonathan and tone that won't quit

Dynamic Stories: Jonathan and Tone That Won’t Quit!

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Jonathan is a young man with the diagnosis of cerebral palsy. Dynamic Seating added to his wheelchair has helped him address tone that just won’t quit.


Dynamic Stories: Tyler – when tone management doesn’t work

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Numotion ATP Toby Bergantino share his dynamic seating success with client Tyler, a young man with cerebral palsy and extremely high tone.


Sara: a mover and a shaker!

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Sara has a diagnosis of cerebral palsy and seizures. She has a long history of destroying footrests with aggressive movement in her wheelchair, Dynamic Seating has helped.

Eddie and the Broken Wheelchair

Dynamic Stories: Eddie and the Broken Wheelchair

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One day while looking at the Seating Dynamics YouTube Channel, I came across a video of a young man named Eddie using a dynamic back.. We were able to contact his Mom, Megan, who was kind enough to speak with me by phone. Eddie is a 16 year old young man with the diagnosis of spastic cerebral palsy and epilepsy.

Robert in chair

Dynamic Stories: An Interview with Robert’s Parents

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Robert is a Dynamic Seating old-timer. This 27 year old man has been using Dynamic Seating for about 10 years now. I had the privilege of speaking with Robert’s parents, Jeffrey and Mary Elizabeth, on the phone recently.

Daniel at baseball game

Dynamic Stories: An interview with Daniel’s Mom

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Daniel is a 17 year old young man with the diagnosis of cerebral palsy. He has been successfully using dynamic seating for over 5 years now. He started with a Kids Rock dynamic manual wheelchair. He currently uses a tilt in space manual wheelchair with a dynamic rocker back and dynamic footrests. I sat down with his Mom, Mary, to ask her some questions.

Clinician Interviews

seating dynamics blog Becky Breaux

Clinician Interview: Becky Breaux, MS, OTR/L, ATP

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Becky Breaux is a research senior instructor / assistive technology specialist at the Assistive Technology Clinic, part of the Center for Inclusive Design and Engineering (CIDE) at the University of Colorado in Denver.

Seating Dynamics OT Chris Dale interview

Clinician Stories: An Interview with Christine G. Dale, OTR/L, ATP

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Christine (Chris) is the Director of Therapy Services at North Mississippi Regional Center. She has been practicing for nearly 50 years and loves what she does!

Seating Dynamics blog clinician interview

Clinician Interview – Ginny Paleg: What Does the Research Say About Lack of Movement?

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Ginny Paleg, PT, DScPT is a pediatric physiotherapist from Silver Spring, Maryland, USA. For the past 17 years, she has worked with children aged 0-3 years in homes and childcare.


Clinician Interview – Stefanie Laurence: Problem Solving During the Seating Assessment

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Stefanie, Clinical Educator at Motion, Inc. in Toronto, shares her incorporation of Dynamic Seating into practice and education.

Missy Ball movement and development

Clinician Interview with Missy Ball – Movement and Development

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In this blog, I would like to share some of her thoughts on Movement, Development, and Function. Missy has written two articles on the topic of Dynamic Seating for Convaid which discuss this interrelationship.

Missy Ball

Clinician Interview with Missy Ball – Unique applications for Dynamic Seating result in reduced constipation and increased strength

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Missy Ball, PT, MT, ATP lives in Metairie, LA and has worked in the wheelchair seating and mobility field since 1985 and as Clinical Director in a hospital, in private practice, and as an educator.


Clinician Interview: Kaye Donec – diffusing tone, preventing breakage, and providing movement

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Meet Kaye Donec, former Individualized Services Team Leader of the Adult Therapy Program at the Disability Services Department of Communities in Western Australia, and learn how she used Dynamic Seating in her career.

Mala Aaronson

An Interview with Mala Aaronson, OT, ATP, CRTS

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Mala Aaronson, OT is an amazing seating and mobility specialist working for National Seating & Mobility in Natick, MA. Mala took time out of her busy schedule to talk with me about Dynamic Seating.

Clinician Interview Macara McGregor

Clinician Interviews: Dynamic Seating in Manitoba with Macara McGregor

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Macara McGregor works at St. Amant, a center for adults and children with disabilities. Many residents live at the center, short or long term, and others attend day programs or the private school.


Clinician Interview with Missy Tally – a long term approach

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Meet Melissa “Missy” Tally, PT Coordinator at the Perlman Center at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center as she shares her experiences with Dynamic Seating.

Supplier Interviews

seating dynamics supplier interview andy foster

Supplier Interview: Andy Foster, OTR, ATP, CRTS

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Andy has been in the Seating and Mobility field for about 25 years. Growing up in Jackson, WY as a pastor’s kid, he helped out with the Special Olympics.

Seating Dynamics Bert Lindholm Supplier

Supplier Interview: Bert Lindholm, ATP, FWD Mobility, Denver, CO

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Bert Lindholm has worked in our industry for 29 years now, first in Georgia and then in Colorado. He is now at FWD Mobility in Aurora, CO.


Supplier Interview – Dynamic Seating Down Under with Astris PME, New South Wales, Australia

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Meet Venesha Moodley and Laurie Grace of Astris PME and learn how they are using dynamic seating in New South Wales, Australia.

Seating Dynamics Doug Cobb Blog 113A featured image

Supplier Interview: Doug Cobbs, ATP, CRTS

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Doug Cobbs, ATP, CRTS is Vice President of Healthcare Equipment, Inc. in Durham, North Carolina. Doug has been working closely with Seating Dynamics to address the needs of a client he works with, Carl. Doug graciously shared some of his time with me recently.

Ryan Read

Supplier Interview: Ryan Read, ATP – A Dynamic Journey

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Ryan Read grew up in Topeka, KS where his Mom worked with children with special needs. These early experiences had an impact on Ryan who now works as an ATP in wheelchair seating and mobility.

Jordan Joslin

Dynamic Stories: an interview with Jordan Joslin

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Jordan Joslin is an ATP/SMS, CRTS in Erie, PA who works for National Seating & Mobility. He was kind enough to spend some time with me on the phone recently to discuss his experiences with Dynamic Seating.

Toby Bergantino

Dynamic Seating through the Years – an interview with Toby Bergantino

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Toby is an ATP who works for Numotion in Connecticut. I’ve had the opportunity to work with Toby on a few occasions and I truly admire his amazing knowledge and experience. He works quite a bit with dynamic seating and I had an opportunity to talk with him about that recently.


Saving Wheelchair Equipment from Destruction: Dynamic Seating to the Rescue

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I recently presented a webinar on Dynamic Seating through AbleNet. One of the participants shared that he had successfully used Dynamic Seating with a client who routinely ‘destroyed’ seating and wheeled mobility equipment. Vincent Coratello is an Adapted Equipment Specialist and Minister of Fleet Operations at Allegheny Valley School in Hummelstown, PA.

JJ Waldrop

Lowering Agitation in High Tone Individuals with Dynamic Seating – A Supplier Interview with JJ Waldrop

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Supplier JJ Waldrop has worked for National Seating and Mobility in Richmond, Virginia for about 5 years now and has been using Dynamic Seating for even longer. He often works with Suzanne Eason, OT/L at St. Mary’s Home. JJ was kind enough to spend some time with me on the phone recently and we had a great conversation!

Joe Gilkerson

Dynamic Seating & Self-Propulsion: An interview with Joe Gilkerson

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Joe Gilkerson, ATP, works with Numotion in Salisbury, Maryland. I had a wonderful phone conversation with him recently in which he shared some dynamic seating experiences he has had with one of his clients, Blake and his journey to self propulsion.