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Lowering Agitation in High Tone Individuals with Dynamic Seating – A Supplier Interview with JJ Waldrop

Lowering Agitation in High Tone Individuals with Dynamic Seating – A Supplier Interview with JJ Waldrop

Michelle L. Lange, OTR/L, ABDA, ATP/SMS

Supplier JJ Waldrop has worked for National Seating and Mobility in Richmond, Virginia for about 5 years now and has been using Dynamic Seating for even longer. He often works with Suzanne Eason, OT/L at St. Mary’s Home. JJ was kind enough to spend some time with me on the phone recently and we had a great conversation!

Who are you using Dynamic Seating with?Supplier JJ Waldrop

JJ primarily uses Dynamic Seating for clients who have high muscle tone, are prone to breaking their equipment, or who just like to move, rock, and stretch. He works primarily with kids, though sees some adults. Most of the clients he works with have cerebral palsy or a brain injury.

What benefits have you seen when using Dynamic Seating?

JJ has noted that using Dynamic Seating keeps clients in position, increases sitting tolerance, and decreases agitation. JJ wasn’t expecting that last one. He believes agitation is reduced when clients can stretch and move if their muscle tone kicks in or if they are excited. JJ has also seen an increase in trunk and head control in some of the clients he works with who use Dynamic Seating. This may be due to the client being able to move in a limited range.

Which Dynamic Seating components did you start with?

JJ starting using the Seating Dynamics Dynamic Rocker Back Interface (DRBi) a long time ago on the Invacare Solara manual wheelchair. He continues to use the DRBi most frequently, followed by the Dynamic Footrests and finally the Dynamic Head Support Hardware. He finds that if a client needs Dynamic Footrests that he is typically also ordering a DRBi. If a client can benefit from the Dynamic Head Support Hardware, he often recommends a combination of all three components.

What do you like about the Seating Dynamics components?

“I have never needed a repair on a DRBi, just normal elastomer replacement due to wear and tear.” JJ likes how the Dynamic Footrests line up with the knee joint on his smaller clients to provide a better pivot point. Finally, he has noted that clients who are using the Dynamic Head Support Hardware are no longer breaking their head supports and the head pads are not moving out of position. “The durability of these products is impeccable!”

Thanks for all you do for the clients you serve, JJ! Keep up the good work!

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