Mark Locklear
Baltimore, MD

“Dynamic Seating allows for better postural alignment without having to reposition the client multiple times throughout the day. I like the multiple dynamic options (dynamic footrests and dynamic rocker back) to accommodate many obstacles with clients who have cerebral palsy in many of our day programs and residential homes. Specifically allowing clients to have functional movement has reduced the amount of extension patterns in several clients of mine.”

Sheila M. Blochlinger
PT, Manager of the Rehabilitation Technology Department
Children’s Specialized Hospital
Mountainside, NJ

“What an amazing addition to our world!! The dynamic foot rests have changed my son and our family’s every day for the better. For years we have struggled to find a dynamic foot rest that could absorb my son’s remarkable and incessant spasticity in order to keep him seated properly and prevent orthopedic and respiratory concerns. We could see a HUGE difference right from the start. The need to reposition him every few minutes was almost completely gone. The support of the company has also been amazing for our many questions and concerns. We can’t wait to see the next dynamic products developed!!” (Quote from the client’s Mother)