Sharon Sutherland (Pratt)
Seating Solutions
Longmont, CO

Once we identified what movement patterns needed to be blocked and which movements were better being allowed to happen- it was simply amazing how these children and young adults responded!! They were much more calm, slept better, had less digestive challenges and above all else  “seemed happy – more smiley and less tears.” I am a big advocate of dynamic seating for that person who, upon thorough assessment and trial, is identified as a suitable candidate.”

Jill Sparacio
Sparacio Consulting Services
Downers Grove, IL

“The Dynamic Rocker Back option offers a dynamic seat- to-back junction.  As Derrick extends at his hips, the movement of the base eliminates solid resistance.  Instead of his movement and tone increasing (as it does with solid resistance), his movement was now facilitated, allowing his tone to calm down. The use of the Dynamic Rocker Back was successful in providing postural assistance to his active tone patterns. Of utmost importance was his need for a system that is durable and reliable.  Funding for repairs is not always available.  If Derrick’s system is broken, it results in him missing outings from which he gains a great deal of enjoyment.” 

Daniel’s Mom
Centennial, CO

“If it weren’t for Seating Dynamics my son’s knees would still be swollen & bruised and he would still be breaking wheelchairs by shearing screws in half when he pushes with his high muscle tone. The moving parts allow him to be comfortable for longer periods of time and alleviates his pressure points, along with more options for positioning adjustments.”

Robert’s Dad
Los Angeles, CA

His positioning in the chair is much better than what we have been able to provide in the past.  This facilitates his endurance, his comfort, and his ability to use augmentative communication devices. He seems more relaxed in his body, and therefore able to be more attentive with his mind. The fact that the Rocker Back reduces wheelchair breakages saves us time and emotional energy, gives us one less thing to stress over, and actually allows us to go enjoy life more often.”