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Case Studies – Dynamic Rocker Back

Kylie – Breakage, Pressure and Cute Shoes

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Kylie is a young woman who lives in Wyoming and works in the theatre. Kylie has cerebral palsy and has…

Eddie – Diffuse Force and Prevent Equipment Breakage

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Eddie is a 16 year old young man with the diagnosis of cerebral palsy and epilepsy. He lives at home…

Derrick – Meeting Multiple Needs through Dynamic Seating

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Derrick is a 42 year old male who resides in a group home with 24 other non-ambulatory, yet socially active,…

Seating Dynamics Case Study Robert

Robert – Living Life Instead of Repairing a Wheelchair

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Robert is a Dynamic Seating old-timer. This 27 year old man has been using Dynamic Seating for about 10 years…

Seating Dynamics Case Study Faith

Faith – Enhancing Development through Movement

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Jeff was born at 23 weeks gestation with grade 4 interventricular hemorrhages with hydrocephalus and eventually periventricular leukomalacia. He had limited volitional active movement, no visual engagement, and difficulty self-calming. At age 3, he showed signs of improvement, and as he grew older, we worked to enhance development through movement.