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Daniel – Managing High Tone Through Dynamic Seating

Daniel – Managing High Tone Through Dynamic Seating

Seating Dynamics Case Study DanielDaniel is a young man with the diagnosis of cerebral palsy and seizures. Daniel has high tone in his extremities and low tone in his trunk and neck. His tone is so extreme that he has broken components of his wheelchair frame in the past as well as dislocated both of his elbows and ruptured both patellae. Download his Dynamic Seating Case Study to learn more.

“If it weren’t for Seating Dynamics my son’s knees would still be swollen & bruised and he would still be breaking wheelchairs by shearing screws in half when he pushes with his high muscle tone. The moving parts allow him to be comfortable for longer periods of time and alleviates his pressure points, along with more options for positioning adjustments.”

Mary, Daniel’s Mother, Centennial, CO

More about Daniel: Dynamic Story | Video

Download Dynamic Seating Case Study

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