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Eddie – Diffuse Force and Prevent Equipment Breakage

Eddie – Diffuse Force and Prevent Equipment Breakage

Seating Dynamics Case Study EddieEddie is a 16 year old young man with the diagnosis of cerebral palsy and epilepsy. He lives at home with his family in Illinois. He has increased muscle tone throughout his body and often exhibits very forceful and large movements. He frequently displays a rocking movement within his wheelchair, as well. Eddie is non-ambulatory and uses a tilt-in-space manual wheelchair. He is non-verbal. Eddie works with Chris Galietta of National Seating and Mobility.

Eddie began using an adaptive stroller at a young age (Sunrise Medical Kid Kart) and later used a Quickie Zippie IRIS tilt-in-space manual wheelchair. He eventually moved to a PDG Stellar tilt-in-space manual wheelchair, as this was more durable and less likely to tip as a result of Eddie’s strong movements. He is currently using a Ride Designs back on this mobility base to accommodate spinal asymmetries and provide increased support. Eddie began using a Seating Dynamics Rocker Back interface (DRBi) in May of 2016. Download his Dynamic Seating Case Study to learn more.

“We are extremely happy with it (the Dynamic Rocker Back). My son has done some serious damage to previous chairs, this has made a huge difference in his life for sure.”

Megan, Eddie’s Mom, Braidwood, IL

More about Eddie: Dynamic Story | Video

Download Dynamic Seating Case Study

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