Which receiver do I need to order?

Seating Dynamics offers a number of receivers to fit a variety of wheelchair bases and to address specific scenarios. More information can be found on the Dynamic Footrests webpage. Some receivers extend above the level of the seat pan and may require the seat to be notched at both front corners. Please contact us for more information.

Can a one piece footboard be used with the dynamic footrests?

A one piece footboard can be added to the dynamic footrests as a custom modification. A one piece footboard does limit the ability of each footrest to respond independently. Many clients with increased tone may have higher tone or more movement on one side of the body. By using separate footplates, movement can occur when and to the degree required on each side of the body. The one piece footboard flips up for transfers.

If the client’s feet are secured, isn’t that considered a restraint?

A positioning device, such as an ankle strap, is designed to maintain alignment with the support surfaces (i.e. a footplate), provide stability and postural support and to promote function. A restraint is intended to limit movement to protect the client and/or others.

For specific restraint regulations and documentation requirements to allow provision of necessary postural supports, please refer to “Positioning vs. Restraint” under our Downloadable Resources.


Do the client’s feet need to be secured to the footplate when using the dynamic footrests?

Yes, the client’s feet need to be secured using ankle and/or toe straps, “ankle huggers” or shoeholders with straps to maintain contact with the footplate and activate the dynamic footrests. Otherwise, the feet may simply move off of the footplate during movement.


What part numbers do I need to order a pair of dynamic footrests?

It is best to call and let us help you determine which dynamic components are needed to match your client’s needs. The installed length of our footrest is determined by the manner in which our adapter mounts into the specific wheelchair: they may be level with, above or below the seat rail. We can help you determine the exact measurements to fit your client. We can also help you to accommodate future growth, if needed.

What is the longest dynamic footrest I can order?

The longest dynamic footrest is approximately 21 inches from the seat pan to the footplate. This will vary depending on the type of wheelchair, as some receivers sit above the seat pan and will affect the overall length.

VERY IMPORTANT: when using the longer length dynamic footrests, the seat to floor height of the wheelchair must be considered. The dynamic footrest will extend (telescope) up to 1.5 inches. Therefore, overall length of the dynamic footrests on the wheelchair equals the leg length PLUS the 1.5” telescopic movement. This must be within the available seat to floor height. Additionally, the knee angle becomes very important to consider as a longer length can be used at a 60 degree angle than at a 90 degree angle.