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Dynamic Head Support Resources

headrest where's the ball

FAQ: Where’s the Ball?

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When ordering or receiving single or multi axis Dynamic Head Support Hardware, many people ask us “Where’s the Ball?” Most head supports (or headrests) use a ball between the head pad and the mounting hardware. Seating Dynamics does not. Why?

preventing strong neck extension

Inhibiting Max’s Strong Neck Extension with Dynamic Head Support Hardware

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Max is an adult with cerebral palsy and significant extensor tone. His Baclofen pump was recently removed secondary to an infection. This has led to strong neck hyperextension and rotation.

Determining if a Dynamic Back is Appropriate

My Client isn’t Moving as Much – What Happened?

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Dynamic Seating is designed to provide movement; however, client movement may actually decrease after using Dynamic Seating for a while. Why?

Quick Class

Quick Class: Dynamic Seating – Determining Dynamic Head Support Hardware Resistance

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The optimal level of resistance is critical to the functioning of Dynamic Head Support Hardware. In this Quick Class, we will review how to determine resistance based on specific client parameters.


Sara: a mover and a shaker!

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Sara has a diagnosis of cerebral palsy and seizures. She has a long history of destroying footrests with aggressive movement in her wheelchair, Dynamic Seating has helped.

Seminar Watch Now

Dynamic Seating: Providing Movement for Clinical Benefit

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Join OT Michelle Lange for this Numotion hosted webinar on how Dynamic Seating provides movement within a wheelchair, and how this movement can lead to clinical benefits.

Phillips before and after

Phillip – Before and After Dynamic Seating

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On the left, Phillip had rocked so much in his static wheelchair that the frame was worn to the point of allowing excessive movement. On the right, he is enjoying the smooth rocking movement of the Seating Dynamics Dynamic Rocker Back interface which allows him to move and maintains frame integrity.

Quick Class

Quick Class: Dynamic Seating – Durability

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Dynamic Seating is often used to prevent equipment breakage, specifically the wheelchair frame and seating system. The Dynamic components absorb strong, repeated, sudden, and/or sustained forces, hence protecting vulnerable areas of the seating and mobility base. But what about the Dynamic Components themselves? Just how durable are these?

Seating Dynamics Seminar

Dynamic Seating – Diverse Applications: a series of Case Studies

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Dynamic seating is movement which occurs within the seating system and/or wheelchair frame in response to intentional or unintentional force generated by the client. Dynamic components absorb force and assist the client back to a starting position. Dynamic seating has many potential applications.

Quick Class

Quick Class: Dynamic Seating – Improving Function

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Dynamic Seating can improve function, including medical functioning. This Quick Class reviews specifics supported by research.