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Jonathan and tone that won't quit

Dynamic Stories: Jonathan and Tone That Won’t Quit!

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Jonathan is a young man with the diagnosis of cerebral palsy. Dynamic Seating added to his wheelchair has helped him address tone that just won’t quit.

DRBi and Dynamic Footrests on a Power Wheelchair

FAQ: Can Dynamic Seating be used on a Power Wheelchair? Yes! Let’s Talk Compatibility.

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One question he is asked frequently is whether Dynamic Seating can be used on a power wheelchair.


Dynamic Stories: Tyler – when tone management doesn’t work

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Numotion ATP Toby Bergantino share his dynamic seating success with client Tyler, a young man with cerebral palsy and extremely high tone.

Dynamic Footrest

Dynamic Seating and Transportation: Dynamic Footrest considerations

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In the second blog in our series on Dynamic Seating for Wheelchairs and Transportation, we turn our attention to Dynamic Footrests on a wheelchair being transported.

Seating Dynamics Top 10 Blogs 2019

Top 10 Dynamic Seating Blogs from 2019

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In this blog, we look back at 2019 to explore the top 10 dynamic seating blogs from the year and reshare what our readers have found most helpful.

Young girl with cerebral palsy sitting in Dynamic Seating wheelchair

Dynamic Seating for People with Cerebral Palsy

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Dynamic Seating is movement which occurs within the seat and/or wheelchair frame in response to force from the client.  Dynamic components absorb force which in turn assists the client back to a starting position. Dynamic Seating is frequently used to prevent equipment breakage, prevent client injury, diffuse extensor tone, and provide movement. For people with cerebral palsy who use a wheelchair, Dynamic Seating is a great option for many reasons.

Taylor sitting in dynamic wheelchair

Evaluation, Simulation and Dynamic Seating Trials

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Recently a therapist asked me how she could recommend Dynamic Seating components if she didn’t actually try these with a client. Great question! It is not typically realistic to conduct Dynamic Seating trials as one would need to place Dynamic Seating components on a client’s wheelchair for trial and often the frame would need to be modified to accept these components.

Missy demonstrating dynamic seating components

The 2019 International Seating Symposium

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Every March, thousands of people working in the field of Seating and Wheeled Mobility come together for education, a chance to explore a massive and comprehensive exhibit area, networking, and catching up with old friends. The 2019 35th International Seating Symposium (ISS) in Pittsburgh did not disappoint, with over 2000 people from more than 35 countries in attendance.

Multiple Seating Components

Let’s Get Together! Using Multiple Dynamic Seating Components

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Dynamic Seating components are often used at the hips (dynamic backs), knees (dynamic footrests) and the neck (dynamic head supports). Dynamic components can be used individually, however combining these components can often maximize the impact Dynamic Seating can make and better meet the client’s needs.

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Dynamic Seating: What Does the Research Say? Part 3

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Our last two blogs explored some of the published research that has been done on Dynamic Seating, demonstrating the effectiveness of this intervention for many of the clients using wheelchair technologies. This blog will review some additional research that has been presented at Wheeled Seating and Mobility conferences such as the International Seating Symposium, but has not been published. Although this information is not in the literature, it can still be helpful in directing our interventions.