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FAQs about the Seating Dynamics One-Piece Footboard

FAQs about the Seating Dynamics One-Piece Footboard

Some of our most selected Frequently Asked Questions are regarding our one-piece Footboard. Let’s take a look!

One-Piece Footboard

There are times when standard footplates do not meet the needs of an individual client and a Footboard is required instead. The Seating Dynamics Footboard can be used on numerous wheelchairs and flips up to the side to accommodate transfers (static footrest version).


Flip up feature

Why use a Footboard instead of Foot Plates?

Depending on available range of motion or contractures of the knee and ankle joints, a client’s foot position may not align with a standard foot plate position. A Footboard provides a wider surface to accommodate unique foot placements. Other Seating Dynamics hardware (such as our Adjustable Windswept Option) can also be used to accommodate these needs.

A one-piece Footboard also will not “sag” medially as many footplates tend to do over time and under force. This also prevents the feet from falling into the space between the footplates.

Many available Footboards do not move for transfers or tend to fall back into position during the transfer. The Seating Dynamics Footboard flips up for transfers and remains securely out of the way until moved back into position by the client or a caregiver ( static footrest version). Watch the One-Piece Footboard flip up.


One-piece Footboard on Dynamic Footrests

FAQ: Can a one-piece Footboard be used with Dynamic Footrests?

A one-piece Footboard can be added to the Dynamic Footrests as an option. Watch how it works in this video. This will not flip up at this time.

The Footboard will respond with movement even if pressure only occurs on one side.


One-piece Footboard on Static Footrests

FAQ: A client I am working with has unusual foot placement that I cannot accommodate on separate footplates. Do you offer a one-piece Footboard on your Static Footrests?

Yes, we do offer a one-piece Footboard for our Static Footrests. Many clients use our static footrests because standard footrests do not provide the durability or adjustment required. The one-piece Footboard also provides durability, maintains position, and is adjustable in position. This version will flip-up for transfers.

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