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New Back Cane Saw & Drill Jig Simplifies DRBi Installation

New Back Cane Saw & Drill Jig Simplifies DRBi Installation

Seating Dynamics Dynamic Rocker Back interface (DRBi) provides movement in response to client forces. These forces are stored and then return the client to a neutral starting position. This Dynamic Back has many clinical applications, but first it must be correctly mounted to a wheelchair base.

Seating Dynamics PN 6100 Back Cane Saw & Drill JigSome wheelchairs are available with the DRBi already installed, as the manufacturer makes this an available option. Otherwise, installation of a DRBi will require the back canes to be shortened by a few inches to achieve the desired back height.  We are happy to offer a new tool, the PN 6100 Back Cane Saw & Drill Jig to make the job of shortening and drilling the cross holes in the back canes a simple task.  The Jig, which works with either 7/8” or 1” diameter back canes, provides a saw guide to ensure that the back canes are cut to the correct length and that the cut is square to the tube.  The Jig also provides drill guide holes and includes the appropriate drill bit to ensure that the new holes are the correct size and in the proper location.

We have both written and video step by step instructions on how to use the PN 6100 Back Cane Saw & Drill Jig. If you are a technician at one of our suppliers, the time savings will pay for this tool the first time you use it!

Once you have determined that a Dynamic Back is indicated for a client and have ordered the DRBi, this new tool will make correct installation easy and allow for optimal performance of this product.

Instructions on installing the Dynamic Rocker Back with the PN 6100 Back Cane Saw & Drill Jig

Video on how to use the PN 6100 Back Cane Saw and Drill Jig to prepare to install the DRBi



  1. Stefanie on June 28, 2018 at 2:54 pm


  2. Michelle Lange on July 2, 2018 at 8:09 am

    Thanks Stefanie! We are excited to offer this new tool to make installation of our Dynamic Rocker Back interface even easier for busy people like you!

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