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Dynamic Seating to Provide Vestibular Input

Dynamic Seating to Provide Vestibular Input

Suzanne Payne Eason, OT/L

Description: Vestibular cognition describes the impact of movement on learning and interacting with our environment.  This seminar will review the vestibular apparatus, vestibular impact on the brain, and dynamic components that can be used on mobility devices.

Speaker Bio: Suzanne Eason has been an occupational therapist for over 25 years and the director of Occupational Therapy Support Services at St. Mary’s Home in Norfolk, Va., for 16 years. Eason has found her calling as an advocate for individuals with complex medical conditions. Her motto: “We provide the foundations for function” has evolved into a small private practice. When not at SMHDC, she can be found at her busy home with her husband and 2 legged and four legged children.

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