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Canadian Seating and Mobility Conference, 2017

Canadian Seating and Mobility Conference, 2017

Toronto, Canada 
Dynamic Components for Dynamic People 
Jill Sparacio, OTR/L, ABDA, ATP/SMS (presented by Stephanie Tanguay, OT/L, ATP) 

Description: Humans are dynamic by nature. We are not “designed” to be static; we are “designed” to be dynamic with constant movement, some observable, some not. When it comes to sitting, humans are almost incapable of being static. When challenged with motionless sitting, it becomes even more difficult.
Consider individuals who always sit: What drives them to move? Sometimes it is to facilitate a functional ability or outcome. Sometimes movement can be driven to gain increased sensory stimulation. This can result in heightened awareness of where a body is in space or it can meet a basic primitive need for
sensory input. Other times it can be a result of an abnormal tone pattern. Regardless of the reason, options need to be provided to allow movement for individuals in wheelchairs. If this need is not met, potentially harmful results can occur. These results can include an inability to function in required or
desired daily tasks as well as potential safety risks due to equipment breakage. Whatever the outcome, there are now many options for wheelchairs and seating to allow controlled movement.

Speaker Bio: Jill is an Occupational Therapist in private practice with over 37 years experience.  She provides occupational therapy services to children and adults with intellectual disabilities and medical fragility specializing in seating and wheeled mobility.  Jill has presented extensively on the clinical applications of seating and wheeled mobility throughout North America and internationally.  She is a member of the Clinician Task Force and has been actively involved in funding and delivery issues on the state and national levels.  Jill is a co-author of the Seating/Wheeled Mobility Assessment that is used by many funding sources.

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