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Dynamic Rocker Back Resources

Determining if a Dynamic Back is Appropriate

My Client isn’t Moving as Much – What Happened?

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Dynamic Seating is designed to provide movement; however, client movement may actually decrease after using Dynamic Seating for a while. Why?

Oliver Case Study

Oliver – Increasing Strength and Decreasing Constipation

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Oliver is an adorable 5 year old male born at 40 weeks with forceps delivery due to transverse presentation. Several weeks after birth, he was diagnosed with epilepsy, spastic quadriplegia, cortical vision impairment, and hypothyroidism.


Apexpo 2021 – Wheelchair Seating & Mobility Assistive Technology Expo

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Join OT Michelle Lange and other Assistive Technology professionals April 29-30 for the Apexpo 2021 for education and product discovery within wheelchair seating and mobility.

Oliver dynamic rocker back

Oliver Demonstrating Need for a Dynamic Back

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Oliver is using the Dynamic Back on his Rifton Activity Chair in this video and loving it! As this was so successful for him, his team ordered a Seating Dynamics Dynamic Rocker Back interface on his new manual wheelchair.

Seminar Watch Now

Dynamic Seating: Providing Movement for Clinical Benefit

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Join OT Michelle Lange for this Numotion hosted webinar on how Dynamic Seating provides movement within a wheelchair, and how this movement can lead to clinical benefits.

Phillips before and after

Phillip – Before and After Dynamic Seating

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On the left, Phillip had rocked so much in his static wheelchair that the frame was worn to the point of allowing excessive movement. On the right, he is enjoying the smooth rocking movement of the Seating Dynamics Dynamic Rocker Back interface which allows him to move and maintains frame integrity.

Case Study Jacqueline

Jacqueline – Decreased Pain and An Unexpected Improvement

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Jacqueline has a diagnosis of cerebral palsy and is now in her mid-30s. She has a B.A. in Psychology with a minor in Speech Communication from the University of Central Arkansas in Conway.

Quick Class

Quick Class: Dynamic Seating – Resistance DRBI Back

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The optimal level of resistance is critical to the functioning of a Dynamic Back. In this Quick Class, we will review how to determine if the resistance is too firm, too soft, or just right.

close up dynamic rocker back

Seating Dynamics Close Up Dynamic Rocker Back In Movement

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In this video, you will see the DRBi elastomer absorbing and diffusing force as the client rocks at the hips.

Quick Class

Quick Class: Dynamic Seating – Maintenance

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Most items need a certain level of maintenance. What about Dynamic Seating components? The answer is, “Yes!” All that force and movement will, eventually, wear down the elastomers. Depending on the degree of force and frequency of movement, the elastomers may have to be changed more frequently for some clients than for others.