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Jonathan – Managing Extreme Extensor Tone

Seating-Dynamics-Case-Study-JonathanJonathan is a 23 year old man with the diagnosis of cerebral palsy. He lives at home and attends a day program. He is on tone reducing medications, though he still displays significant extensor tone. Despite his spine being fused, he also has significant residual spinal extension. He has a molded seating system to help maintain his overall posture. Download his case study to see how Dynamic Seating, when used in combination throughout the body can eliminate equipment breakage, relax the body and improve function. 

“When we first provided the dynamic headrest, he was so strong that he was able to push the headrest back and then was stuck in extension.  This was a concern for swallowing.  When Greg Peek came for a service call, he repositioned the links of the dynamic headrest hardware to eliminate interference with the push handle and changed the elastomers so that while they were strong enough that he could push back, the resisting elastomers were stronger to bring his head back into neutral.”

Lindsey Rae, ATP, Numotion, Colorado Springs, CO

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Download Dynamic Seating Case Study

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