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FAQ: Can Dynamic Seating Be Used on any Wheelchair?

FAQ: Can Dynamic Seating Be Used on any Wheelchair?

Michelle L. Lange, OTR/L, ABDA, ATP/SMS

Did you know that Seating Dynamics has a very comprehensive list of Frequently Asked Questions? You can find this list by ‘hovering’ over the Dynamic Seating tab on our website. One of our FAQs is “Can dynamic seating be used on any wheelchair?”

Seating Dynamics components are all modular, meaning that these can be used on many types of wheelchair frames – a new frame does not need to be ordered so that dynamic components can be used. This is a great advantage, as the client can use the most appropriate mobility base to meet their individual needs. One dynamic component or several can be used on one wheelchair frame to match a client’s needs at one or more body areas.

Seating Dynamic Components are compatible with wheelchairs of all kinds.

Compatibility – will a dynamic component work on my client’s wheelchair?

The web pages for the Seating Dynamics Rocker Back interface (DRBi) and Dynamic Footrests include a list of compatible wheelchair frames. This list also specifies compatibility with adjustable height backs, depth adjustable backs, fixed height backs and fixed seat depth, as applicable for each frame. These dynamic components can be placed a on wide range of manual and power wheelchairs. Some manufacturers, including Freedom Designs, Invacare, Ki Mobility, and PDG include Seating Dynamics products on their order forms and these components are mounted at their factory. The supplier then adjusts the components at delivery. If the wheelchair is not new, these brand wheelchairs can still be retrofitted. Other manufacturers are compatible with our products; however, the components need to be ordered directly from Seating Dynamics and mounted by the supplier.

The web page for the Seating Dynamics Head Support Hardware (for both dynamic, as well as static hardware) includes a list of compatible head support pads. This hardware now includes an optional lateral swing-away adapter to support lateral pads or switches.

Not sure if a client’s wheelchair is compatible?

If you are still not sure after checking the compatibility lists, please give us a call at 303-986-9300 to discuss your client’s unique equipment needs. We can let you know if a dynamic component is compatible and help you order the exact specifications required.

And keep an eye out – our ongoing product development is expanding compatibility all the time!

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