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Videos: Clients Using Dynamic Seating

Phillips before and after

Phillip – Before and After Dynamic Seating

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On the left, Phillip had rocked so much in his static wheelchair that the frame was worn to the point of allowing excessive movement. On the right, he is enjoying the smooth rocking movement of the Seating Dynamics Dynamic Rocker Back interface which allows him to move and maintains frame integrity.

close up dynamic rocker back

Seating Dynamics Close Up Dynamic Rocker Back In Movement

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In this video, you will see the DRBi elastomer absorbing and diffusing force as the client rocks at the hips.

Daniel sustained extension

Daniel and Sustained Extension

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In this video, Daniel is watching his favorite baseball team which is very exciting! He demonstrates increased extensor tone throughout which is diffused through his Dynamic Back and Dynamic Footrests.

Tyler managing tone

Tyler – when tone management doesn’t work

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Tyler is extremely strong and has broken numerous items on his manual wheelchair over the years. Tone management has not been successful however Dynamic Seating has been! A combination of Dynamic components at the hips, knees, and head have worked very well, decreasing both extension and dystonia.


Jonathan’s Dynamic Headrest in Action

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Jonathan has significant extension throughout his body secondary to cerebral palsy. He had a long history of breaking head support hardware and so a Seating Dynamics Dynamic Head Support was recommended.


Kylie – don’t underestimate her small but strong movement

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In this video, watch carefully as Kylie moves her Dynamic Footrests and Dynamic Back. Her movements don’t always look very strong, but she has broken numerous components on her manual and power wheelchairs.

Seating Dynamics Sarah Footrest

Sarah – she loves to move!

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In this video, Sarah is demonstrating her drive to move – and how the Dynamic Footrests on her wheelchair are providing that movement in her wheelchair.

Hannah using the Dynamic Rocker Back

Hannah – using the Dynamic Rocker Back to diffuse force and provide movement

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Hannah has cerebral palsy and likes to move. The Dynamic Rocker Back she uses diffuses force and provides stimulating movement.


Dynamic Seating Rocking in Wheelchair Demonstration

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Faith’ loves to rock. Rocking increases her alertness and function. If she cannot rock, she quickly becomes less engaged and agitated. The Dynamic Rocker Back interface allows this rocking movement which she seeks.

Phillip receives his Seating Dynamics components!

Phillip receives his Seating Dynamics components!

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Phillip has a many Seating Dynamics dynamic seating elements as part of his wheelchair. Watch the video to see Phillip’s reaction!