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Testimonials – Dynamic Rocker Back

Jace Goh, OT

Linds Rehab

“Darcy loves his new chair! He enjoys being able to move around and be able to leave the house frequently with carers, which he did only occasionally previously due to safety concerns and poor tolerance in his own chair.”

Missy Ball, PT, MT, ATP

PhysioBall Therapy, LLC
Metairie, LA

“Seating Dynamics has excellent dynamic products that are compatible with many frames. In my experience, the dynamic back and footrests have prevented frame damage, allowed for extension of the client but with return of pelvis to effective sitting posture, reduced pressures on back, buttock and foot area, and reduced agitation on clients with SI issues. Dynamic motion has also reduced constipation issues on one of my clients.”

Macara McGregor

St. Amant, Winnipeg, Manitoba

“Great products! I work with kids and adults with developmental disabilities. I’ve had lots of success with their dynamic rocker back interface to address high exterior tone, as well as rocking behavior!”


Faith’s Mom
Pollock Pines, CA

“Faith has had the dynamic back for one year now and she loves it! It allows her to get the movement stimulation she so craves. She is happy when she can move.”


Taylor’s Mom
Colorado Springs, CO

“Taylor received the dynamic back and we absolutely love it! It works so well with his tone. He likes that he can move a bit.”


Eddie’s Mom
Braidwood, IL

“We are extremely happy with it (the Dynamic Rocker Back). My son has done some serious damage to previous chairs, this has made a huge difference in his life for sure.”

Karen “Missy” Ball, PT, MT, ATP

PhysioBall Therapy, LLC
Metairie, LA

“I have used dynamic backs several times in the past for clients with head trauma or cerebral palsy with periods of high extensor tone that broke back canes or headrest hardware. Definitely a needed component for those clients.”

Suzanne Payne Eason, OT/L

Director of Occupational Therapy Support Services
St. Mary’s Home
Norfolk, VA

“We have used many types of dynamic components on backrests at our facility and can say honestly that the only style that has been successful has been the Seating Dynamics backrest interface. Not only is it sturdy and holds up well for longer periods of time, it easy to maintain and adjust for changes.”

Jill Sparacio, OTR/L, ATP/SMS

Sparacio Consulting Services
Downers Grove, IL

“The Dynamic Rocker Back option offers a dynamic seat- to-back junction.  As Derrick extends at his hips, the movement of the base eliminates solid resistance.  Instead of his movement and tone increasing (as it does with solid resistance), his movement was now facilitated, allowing his tone to calm down. The use of the Dynamic Rocker Back was successful in providing postural assistance to his active tone patterns. Of utmost importance was his need for a system that is durable and reliable.  Funding for repairs is not always available.  If Derrick’s system is broken, it results in him missing outings from which he gains a great deal of enjoyment.”


Robert’s Dad
Los Angeles, CA

“His positioning in the chair is much better than what we have been able to provide in the past.  This facilitates his endurance, his comfort, and his ability to use augmentative communication devices. He seems more relaxed in his body, and therefore able to be more attentive with his mind. The fact that the Rocker Back reduces wheelchair breakages saves us time and emotional energy, gives us one less thing to stress over, and actually allows us to go enjoy life more often.”

Toby Bergantino, ATP

Rocky Hill, CT

“The Dynamic Back and Dynamic footrests have allowed some of my toughest clients to sit in comfort and stay positioned.”

Mark Locklear, ATP

Baltimore, MD

“Dynamic Seating allows for better postural alignment without having to reposition the client multiple times throughout the day. I like the multiple dynamic options (dynamic footrests and dynamic rocker back) to accommodate many obstacles with clients who have cerebral palsy in many of our day programs and residential homes. Specifically allowing clients to have functional movement has reduced the amount of extension patterns in several clients of mine.”


Hannah’s Mom
Phoenix, AZ

“I loved that I could add it to her existing chair without changing the whole system. The DRBi is the best purchase I’ve ever made for Hannah.”