Single Axis Dynamic Headrest

Meet the newest member of the family! This adaptive head support hardware was designed from the ground up for the 21st Century. Using a proven design from our dynamic footrest, the Single Axis Dynamic Head Support mount pivots to provide movement more aligned with the cervical vertebrae for better positioning. All of the moving parts are built-in for increased durability, not added on! No springs, no sliding tubes, and nothing to jam or protrude behind the wheelchair. Just simple dynamic movement.

The Dynamic Head Support Hardware provides smooth dynamic movement capable of accommodating hyperextension of the head, diffusing and absorbing force to protect the client, protecting the hardware, and reducing overall extensor tone. The Dynamic Head Support can be used on its own or in combination with the Dynamic Rocker Back and Dynamic Footrests.

Many clients cannot achieve or remain in a neutral head position. As the client moves, the head may not return to the head support in a consistent position. The head support hardware must be highly adjustable to meet these needs, yet not slip out of position.

In addition to providing movement, this head support holds its position. Many head supports move out of position due to their ball and socket design. Our adjusting joints uses multiple discs to maximize the contact surface, 3.5 times the clamping area of a 1” ball and over 10 times the clamping area of cone style hardware, yet consuming only slightly more space, still easy for small hands to grasp. The position of the attached head pads can be adjusted in up to 5 axes for reach, extension or rotation by using a 5 or 6mm Allen wrench.

The Seating Dynamics Single Axis head support hardware features:

  • ±15º of dynamic rotary movement
  • A Mounting Plate (standard 2″ square, four bolt pattern for M6 or 1/4″ screws)
  • Available in Short (10”), Medium (12”) and Long (14”) extension using three links
  • One Interface Adapter for common head support pads (pad not included)
    • A: fits pads with 1″ ball 3 bolt mount and 17mm ball 4 bolt mount.
    • B: fits Whitmyer or Therafin ProFit style split clamp.