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Tyler – When Tone Management Doesn’t Work

 Seating-Dynamics-Case-Study-Tyler-2020Tyler is a 23 year old young man with the diagnosis of cerebral palsy. He currently lives with his grandparents and is active in the community and in his day program. Although he only weighs 100 pounds, he is extremely strong. He has broken numerous items on his manual wheelchair over the years and when he breaks something, he cannot use his wheelchair until repairs are made and he ends up in bed. Tyler works with Toby Bergantino at Numotion. Download his Dynamic Seating Case Study to learn more. 

“I’ve used it (the Dynamic Head Support Hardware) in the past with others and it solved all my problems.”

Toby Bergantino, ATP, Numotion, Rocky Hill, Connecticut

More about Tyler: Video | Dynamic Story

Download Dynamic Seating Case Study

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