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Dynamic vs. Non-Dynamic Seating Including Vests and Belts

Dynamic vs. Non-Dynamic Seating Including Vests and Belts

Missy Ball, MT, PT, ATP, NDT

Description: Providing movement within the seating system and/or wheelchair frame allows the client to move while maintaining contact with support surfaces to provide stability and reduce shear forces. Dynamic seating has many applications. The clinical rationale for using dynamic seating will be discussed. Specific seating components, such as a dynamic back, headrest, chest vests and pelvic belts will also be explored in the context of facilitating postural control and allowing movement.

Speaker Bio: Missy is a physical therapist, ATP, and laboratory scientist with over 35 years of experience with a private practice specializing in pediatric neurology.  She is certified in pediatric NDT with a solid focus on improving function through treatment and equipment.  In the past, she served as Acting director and Assistant director of the Physical Therapy Department at Children’s Hospital in New Orleans, as well as the co-director of their seating program for a 10 year period.  She has lectured both nationally and internationally with regard to seating and mobility for 20 + years, served as educational specialist for  Freedom Designs for 21 years and presently consults with Convaid Manufacturer and Texas Department of Aging and Disabilities Services for seating and mobility. 

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