Static Head Support Hardware

The Static Head Support Hardware is designed to replace standard hardware with highly adjustable and durable hardware that maintains position. The hardware includes a mounting plate, three links to obtain the height and specific position required, and one interface adapter for common head support pads (pads not included).

    • The mounting plate is a standard 2” square plate with a 4 bolt pattern for M6 or ¼” screws.
    • The links are available in three sizes: 2”, 4”, and 6”. Each Static Head Support hardware kit includes one of each of these link sizes. Extra link lengths are available. The various length links may be combined in any order to achieve the desired position and 2 or 3 links can be combined.
    • The Headrest Pad Adapter provides an interface to the following common pads:
      Static Head Support Hardware

      • 6001-01:
        • fits head support pads with a 1” ball and 3 bolt mount (Ottobock and some Stealth head pads)
        • fits head support pads with a 17mm ball and 4 bolt mount (some Stealth head pads)
      • 6001-02:
        • Fits Whitmyer head pads
        • Fits Therafin ProFit style split clamp

Clinical Applications

A static head support does not move in response to client movement. Not all clients require movement at the head or may experience negative responses to neck extension (i.e. choking or reflexive response). The static head support hardware provides the adjustment necessary match the client’s specific head position and supports a wide variety of head pads. The Seating Dynamics hardware is quite durable and the unique design allows this hardware to maintain position when other hardware loses alignment.

Static Head Support Hardware: Sample Medical Justification Wording for use in Documentation

The following are sample medical justification wording which may be used in documentation, such as a Letter of Medical Necessity. These examples do not replace competent evaluation. If you require further assistance with documentation, please contact us for help.

“Seating Dynamics Static Head Support Hardware is being recommended to match the specific head positioning requirements of the client. Other hardware has not retained its position or has broken multiple times, leading to a loss of head support and/or alignment or the ability to use the wheelchair. This hardware is designed to be more robust and to maintain position once adjusted.”