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The International Dynamic Seating Workgroup

The second annual meeting of the International Dynamic Seating Workgroup (IDSW) took place at the International Seating Symposium on March 22nd. We had about 10 people attend representing clinicians, researchers, and manufacturers who are all invested in furthering this innovative area of seating and wheeled mobility.

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The 2019 International Seating Symposium

Every March, thousands of people working in the field of Seating and Wheeled Mobility come together for education, a chance to explore a massive and comprehensive exhibit area, networking, and catching up with old friends. The 2019 35th International Seating Symposium (ISS) in Pittsburgh did not disappoint, with over 2000 people from more than 35 countries in attendance.

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Dynamic Seating: What Does the Research Say? Part 3

Our last two blogs explored some of the published research that has been done on Dynamic Seating, demonstrating the effectiveness of this intervention for many of the clients using wheelchair technologies. This blog will review some additional research that has been presented at Wheeled Seating and Mobility conferences such as the International Seating Symposium, but has not been published. Although this information is not in the literature, it can still be helpful in directing our interventions.

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Proceedings Paper for Positioning the Head

Not everyone who uses a wheelchair requires head positioning. Sometimes a head support is required only for safety in transportation if the client travels seated in their wheelchair. A head support may only be required to provide posterior support during tilt or recline. Many clients do have decreased head control and may require specific seating…

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ISS 2018 & Dynamic Seating: Enhancing Participation through Movement

The International Seating Symposium takes place each March and this year returned to beautiful Vancouver, Canada. I had the privilege to present a pre-symposium half-day course on Dynamic Seating: Enhancing Participation through Movement with Jessica Presperin Pedersen, OTD, MBA, OTR/L, ATP/SMS. We had a full house with participants from around the world interested in Dynamic Seating. In addition to the presented content, we had a significant amount of questions and interaction with the attendees. We also had a variety of dynamic seating products in the room for the attendees to explore at the end of the session.

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