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Movement and Neuroplasticity

Movement in a seating system and mobility device is essential for neuroplasticity in the neurologically challenged client. I have worked with neurologically challenged children and adults for 30 years and have observed the changes in our professional/medical understanding of how the brain develops and copes with these issues and the resultant changes in treatment. Read…

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Dynamic Stories: Time to Rock and Not Roll

Phillip is a mover and a shaker – literally! This adult with developmental disabilities likes to move. He lives at a residential facility in Delaware. Years of rocking in his manual wheelchairs have left a trail of destruction. He has broken seating systems, mounting hardware, and wheelchair frames as a result of repeated and often strong movements. Phillip is currently using a tilt in space manual wheelchair with a linear back and an off-the-shelf cushion. When he rocks, he tends to move the entire chair across the room, so the staff lock the wheels. The result? He rocks with such force that the solid tires have repeatedly broken where they contact the wheel locks!

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Dynamic Seating

According to Wikipedia, the online encyclopedia, Yin and Yang are “opposite contrary forces that are actually complementary, interconnected, and interdependent as they interrelate to one another.” “Dynamic” and “static” have these similar properties as we apply them to seating. The definition of “dynamic” is “of or concerned with energy or forces that produce motion,” as…

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