As a supplier or clinician, how do I determine which dynamic movements are appropriate for an individual?

Dynamic seating is a relatively new area of wheelchair seating and many providers are needing further information. It is important to identify if the issue is caused by muscular or behavioral conditions. This will assist in determining what needs to be addressed.   We have a number of resources on our website and are also happy to speak with you by phone.

In general, use of dynamic footrests that lengthen only is appropriate for clients who may lose the position of the pelvis if the knee also extends, such as clients with very tight hamstrings. If the position of the pelvis can be maintained, lengthening and knee extension provides more movement and active range at the knee. If the client has active ankle dorsi and plantar flexion, providing this option allows movement and active range at the ankle, as well. If the client wears AFOs, this movement will not be possible and so this option is not recommended.