In which directions do the dynamic footrests move?

Seating Dynamics footrests can move in up to three different axes:

  • All dynamic footrests have dynamic telescopic movement. In other words, the footrests extend or get longer in response to force, up to 1.5”. When the force lessens, the dynamic footrest will return to its original length. The amount of the resistance can be changed by using different springs. All 3 resistance springs are included in the purchase. Using telescoping movement without knee extension is appropriate for clients who would need dynamic movement, but who may lose hip position when the knee extends. This can be an issue particularly with clients who have very tight hamstrings. This model is not available in the high pivot design.
  • Dynamic knee movement which allows the wheelchair user to extend or semi elevate their knee up to 30 degrees. This allows the footrests to be set at a starting point of 90, 80, 70, 60, or 50 degrees of knee flexion. Each footrest can be adjusted separately to meet an individual client’s needs.
  • Another option is dynamic plantar and dorsi flexion at the ankle. This option allows up to approximately 17 degrees of movement in either direction. This should not be used when the client has an AFO (ankle foot orthosis), as this will not allow the ankle to move.