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Head – Old

Meet the newest member of the family, a Dynamic Headrest designed from the ground up for the 21st Century.


For as long as I have been in the wheelchair business I have never liked the ball and socket used in headrest mounting, something bends or slips and the pad simply does not stay put.  We don’t have balls!

Our adjusting joints came from an old race car part which utilizes multiple discs to maximize the contact surface, great for handling extremely high torque loads. We use a multi-finger joint a little over 1 1/8″ in diameter and 1 3/8″ long with 6 contact faces.  This give us between 4 and 8 times the clamping surface area of common headrest hardware yet consumes only slightly more space.

I have also never liked springs or other things just stuck on an object, it’s not clean and may not be safe.

“The use of a dynamic headrest on this kind of patient should be the standard, not just to protect the equipment, but the patient.” Referring to clients who repeatedly contact their head support with significant force.

– Robert J. (Joe) McKnight, ATP/SMS, CRTS, Superior Mobility, Carson, CA


Compare the dynamic headrest to our dynamic footrest and you will see that they share the same clean, finished appearance.  All of the moving parts are built in, not stuck on.  The world we work in usually does not present us with good neutral posture and head movement may not be predictable so the ability to move just about anywhere and have ample adjustment is important.




We will initially have two versions (with final naming yet to be done), a Single Axis which moves along the mid-line or Y Axis and a Multi-Axis which moves in both X and Y Axis or anywhere in between.  The photos above show a Single Axis  with 5 Axis adjustment.

Like our footrests, if positioning is of primary importance and dynamic movement is not needed, there is a static version as well.

Our hardware is compatible with all common headrest pads.

Now Available!