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Can a molded back be used with the Dynamic Rocker Back Interface?

A molded back can generally be used with a Dynamic Rocker Back Interface for two reasons. First, the seat to back angle only opens approximately 10-15 degrees. This amount of movement leads to a minimal amount of shear, allowing the client to remain in alignment with the contours of the back. Second, the Dynamic Rocker…

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Can I install custom seating when using a Dynamic Rocker Back interface?

Yes. Custom seating is frequently used for clients needing a dynamic back. The DRBi allows for the seating back to be mounted approximately 7” above the seat rail. This measurement varies slightly, depending on the model of wheelchair for which the DRBi is installed. https://www.seatingdynamics.com/2019/06/11/wheelchair-seating-surface-cushions-dynamic-seating/

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