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Ensure Your Dynamic Back is the Original, Genuine Seating Dynamics Product

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Another manufacturer offers a nearly identical version of an old model of the original Dynamic Rocker Back (DRBi) from Seating Dynamics. Make sure you know what your product is.

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Armrest Style and the Dynamic Rocker Back Interface

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I work primarily with kids and their wheelchair frames are on the small side. This can be an issue when ordering a Dynamic Rocker Back interface (DRBi), as there is little ‘real estate’ on the frame.

dynamic rocker back interface

FAQs: Dynamic Rocker Back interface Compatibility and Installation

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Some of our most frequently asked questions have to do with Compatibility and Installation of the Dynamic Rocker Back interface (DRBi). Let’s take a look at the questions you have been asking and our answers.


Growing Up in a Wheelchair. Will Dynamic Seating Grow too?

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I mainly work in pediatrics and so growth is always a concern. When recommending equipment, whether it be a bath seat or a wheelchair frame, I need to know how much growth is available in order to ensure the item will continue to meet a child’s needs for as long as possible.

dynamic seating on powered wheelchairs

FAQ: Can Dynamic Seating be used on a Power Wheelchair? Yes! But when is it appropriate?

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Dynamic Seating can be used successfully on a power wheelchair, though there are unique parameters which must be considered.

DRBi and Dynamic Footrests on a Power Wheelchair

FAQ: Can Dynamic Seating be used on a Power Wheelchair? Yes! Let’s Talk Compatibility.

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One question he is asked frequently is whether Dynamic Seating can be used on a power wheelchair.

Can Dynamic Seating Be Used on any Wheelchair

FAQ: Can Dynamic Seating Be Used on any Wheelchair?

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Did you know that Seating Dynamics has a very comprehensive list of Frequently Asked Questions? You can find this list by ‘hovering’ over the Dynamic Seating tab on our website. One of our FAQs is “Can dynamic seating be used on any wheelchair?”